Friday, December 23, 2016

Ellie: (Full Giggles) Girls have vaginas and boys have sticks. 
Me: No
Ellie: What then?
Me: I can't talk to you when you are being this silly.
Ellie: Sticks? Twigs? Thin Lines!? Cylindeeeeeeers!!??

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Nuff Said


Summer Memories

Summer was a whirlwind and (almost) exactly how I hoped my school-aged-kid's summers would be.  Travel, Pool, Pajama Days, Dirty Feet, Crafts, Exploration.  All things we fit in.  We also had our first broken bone, but it barely stopped her.  Like anything could.

This was our first "summer break" with both kids in school.  So here are a few thoughts.

* If I am lucky, I will have 10 more of these as a parent. It is basically my life's mission to create the most magical summer breaks, memories, and adventures together with them.

*There is never enough time to visit all the people I love and live far away from, but three weeks gives me a pretty fair shot.

*It is totally worth it to drive an entire day just to spend the afternoon with a friend.

*Fireworks never get old.  Wait out the crowd for the closest seats.

* I really hope Ellie doesn't remember what a bummer it is to have a cast on during summer, but instead remember the two weeks of piggy back rides, four weeks of slumber parties with mom, and the feeling that really nothing is going to slow her down.

* Years and miles, never change real friends.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

We are so close to summer here in Maine. Summer! Then we can pretend we have no schedules, no where to be but right where we are at that very moment. Where we go to bed dirty because we played so late that, 'who has energy for baths anyways?' Where daydreams live, and memories are made, and snow is forgotten along with our worries of work and school. Having kids has made me relive all the excitement of summer break all over again, and reliving my childhood with them has been even better than my first one.