Thursday, November 12, 2015

Carter is recently obsessed with the Avengers? Well he wrote a new character into their stories. "Stick Ninja." (which is totally suspish, because Carter resembles a stick and has been a ninja for a couple of years now.) He actually designed a comic book last night, and wrote the first episode about how Stick Ninja came to be. Obviously he was a good student, dinosaurs and gamma involved. I feel like a psychologist would have a field day with this.

Carter was appalled to hear the "C word" come out of my mouth yesterday. (Crap) Chris assured him that there are much more interesting C words.

He is learning all these new words at school and he comes home and whispers "Mom, So-And-So said the A word today." Sometimes it is hilarious. For instance, H- hate. S-shut up. I-idiot. So I always have to ask, "what is the A word?" He surprised me and said "A S S" I assured him his ears won't fall off, but if he starts using them him lip will get swollen.

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