Saturday, November 22, 2014

October Re-Cap

Such a crazy busy end to this year.

Ladybug got escorted to a ball by her Knight In Shining Armor.


 The same Knight escorted me to a ball as well... 10151746_10152349834871074_6955389261703326730_n

 My house got ransacked by thieves:


This guy came to visit me: Untitled

 I found my hero in life: Untitled (Obviously the person who made this sign.)

 It rained a lot. So we did as heathens do. 10.19.14 10.19.14_8

 Then of course: Halloween2014_6 Halloween2014_4 Halloween2014_8

There was a Mother and Son Ball too: CarterMotherSonDance_4 I cringe at posting this, so when Carter re-reads this someday, he better appreciate this ridiculousness. DSC_5903 CarterMotherSonDance_2 CarterMotherSonDance_7

 We had a Ninja and Snow White, for the second year in a row. ALP_3797

 Carter's school parade was pretty much the cutest thing that ever happened to Hawaii. ALP_3869

 Ellie's official costume that she refused to wear makes me melt. halloween 2014 copy

 Carter took all of this very seriously. ALP_4013

And when I asked Elle to pose for me, and she sang, "Noooooooooooo." ALP_4054 That pretty much sums up the crazy around here.

We are well into November, and the chaos continues...

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