Friday, September 19, 2014

Jodi Picoult, Larger Than Life- "In the wild, a mother elephant and her daughter will stay together until one or the other dies. But there is one exception: In a year when there are limited resources- a drought, say, or a herd that has grown too big to sustain feeding all its members in a given area- the matriarch may make the decision to split the group. She will lead some of the elephants off in one direction, and her daughter will lead the rest on another route. They are still family, but they know that being together will bring about high mortality for the herd, that there is a better chance of survival when they aren't competing for the same resources.
But things change. When the land blossoms and the rivers run flush again, the mother and daughter reunite. It's a celebration, a fanfare. There is trumpeting, roaring, touching, stroking. It's like they have never been apart."

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