Saturday, March 22, 2014

March 2014

When I moved to Hawaii, I pictured myself visiting my CA friends often. Space A seems to fly to the west coast regularly, and I am an adventurous mama. I didn't take "life" into account. I didn't take into account my business, kids school, money. I do a pretty good job keeping in touch with all the important people in my life, but February marked two years since I left San Diego and some of the closest friends I have. May will be two years since I have seen any of my Cleveland friends or family. C'est la vie. BUT, this last week, Connie did what all of us moms should do every now and then- left her kids at home and flew out for a week long Hawaii vacation! I was bumming I didn't get to see her kids, but I was SO happy just to see her. We did lots of exploring and adventuring. I am so grateful.

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