Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy Birthday to me.

Steps to having an amazing day.
Step 1- Day before your birthday, have an amazingly talented friend to take your family photos.
Step 2- Wake up to these images in your inbox.  Feel beautiful.  Fall in love your kids and husband again.

Step 3- Get your ass whooped with a good workout.  Humble yourself.
Step 4- Go about your daily mom chores.  Run errands, teach homeschool, clean.
Step 5- Drag your kids along to the tire shop and cringe as you spend ungodly amounts of money on your car.
Step 6- Remember to feel grateful about the fact that you can repair your car and you aren't riding a bike.
Step 7- Walk to the park while waiting and watch the kids play.  Watch as they get along for the first time in days, listen to their giggles, sit in the sun and read a book by your favorite author for 2.5 hours.
Step 8- Go home and have not one, but two girlfriends bring over crazy thoughtful gifts.
Step 9- Husband comes home with not one, but two bouquets of flowers and homemade cake, and chocolate covered fruit.
Step 10- count your blessings 

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