Tuesday, January 22, 2013

This is what zen feels like.

It is amazing how much I can get done when my husband is away and the kids are at the sitter.
Three hours.  Just three hours.
My house is organized, spotless even.
Shopping is done.
All the laundry is done, folded, put away.
No dishes.
Dog is walked.
Coffee in hand.

It is equally amazing that today I took my Carter to school, and it was closed.  This is the 3rd time this school year.  Third. Time.

Here are some of the shenanigans overheard at my house today:
(These are just copies of texts I have sent to Chris throughout the day.)

Ellie came downstairs got the cup I put in the fridge last night and said, "Daddy made a cup for me before he left! Ha ha haha ha!"
I'm all, "umm I did that."
***insert sing song voice*** "NOoooo, Daddy did cause he lovessssss me."

Ellie sitting on the toilet pooping, "you're going down suckaaaaaaa!"

"If you say Martin the King is funny, then Martin the King will give you a lump of coal."

"Moooom is Martin Luther King Santa's middle name?"

Ellie just told me: 
Do you know what I said to miss Lisa? I said, 'I won't hit you Lisa.' Do you know why I said that? Because I don't feel like hitting anyone today. Only because my hands hurt. 

Ellie to Carter: I'm not laughing at your funny looks, I'm just laughing at your personality. 

So yeah... it is only 1:30.

Friday, January 18, 2013

In My Phone

IMG_5977 IMG_6045 IMG_5746 IMG_5772 IMG_5733 IMG_5557 IMG_5553 IMG_5485 IMG_5438 IMG_5476 IMG_5448 IMG_5434

Because Star Wars is all the hype arounds here.

Rules of war in my house:

1. No hitting in the face.
2. Plan on getting hit in the face and don't cry about it.


Just because...

...he is perfect

Ellie the photographer


Occasionally Ellie steals my phone- and by occasionally I mean 479 new photos were taken...yesterday.

Glow in the Dark Bath

Can we just talk about what a cool idea this is?  The internets are so cool- (because clearly these really awesome ideas don't come from my own head.)  January has been non-stop rain here in HI.  And you know what? There is NOTHING to do indoors on this island.  So, time to get creative.

IMG_5710 IMG_5708 IMG_5705

Serious Talks

Last night before bed, Carter started talking to me about what he wanted to be when he grows up.  It used to be a Veterinarian and a Construction Worker.  Now it is an Army Man.
He says it is because Army Men can have big people guns, and he wants to stop bad things.
I just listened as he talked, I will encourage him to be whatever he wants.  But I did wonder why he know about "bad things."

But then he explained further, that if an evil dragon ever happens upon us, and he is an Army Man, he can shoot it.  "Or train it, maybe I won't shoot it, I'll just train it."

Love. This. Kid.

Photography Friday

Studio Session, just because I haven't taken enough pics of these two little people lately. 

Monday, January 7, 2013


"Life is too damn short, for fucks sake, just do what makes you happy." -Unknown

My life has no balance.  Everything is always running in high gear, and usually leaves me fried.
I have thought about this for a while- I have thought about this post for a while.
But alas, I am short on words lately (imagine that) and temporarily tapped out on creative juices.
So, in search of balance, and I am renewing my yoga cert this weekend, and resolving myself to start teaching sometime this year.
My life can't be all about the kids, or my husbands career, or planning for the future.  I need something to enrich me more.  And maybe I will never be rich from doing photography, or teaching yoga to a bunch of retirees at the YMCA, but it just might feel good.  It's at least worth a try.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013