Monday, November 19, 2012

Dear November, where did you go?

Like seriously.  It has flown by, and I haven't had nearly enough picture taking, snuggling, soaking up the sweetness of my babies, or sleep.
I have been working like crazy.  Which is really a good thing.  My photography is really picking up momentum, and now I need to find balance.
I am doing a few photo-shoots this week, bringing home our new puppy, cooking Thanksgiving dinner, then starting my vacation!  I plan on flying to California to see some sweet faces that I miss like crazy, but if Space-A fails me, I will have a staycation with the hubs.  And I think it has been about two years since that has happened.  So either way it is a win/win.
My goal for the rest of the month: 1. get us all behind my lens.  2.Start running (I haven't run once in November, I can't even believe it.) 3. Slow down and enjoy my babies, because we have been missing each other way too much.

IMG_4693 Untitled IMG_7728 IMG_7725 IMG_4853 IMG_4812 IMG_4847 IMG_4785 IMG_4744 IMG_4742 IMG_4799 IMG_4703 IMG_4683

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