Monday, October 29, 2012

Making Memories Mondays

IMG_6411 IMG_6412

Sometimes that is just the way things go around here.
*I hope they remember me always trying to make each day special.*


  1. I don't mean to laugh at your crying little girl...but the fact that you posted it kinda makes it free game on the laughter.

    Why is she crying?

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  3. That is just Ellie. Sometimes no matter how hard I try, she still feels like crying. We roll with it. I posted it, because I was laughing too.

  4. ^^^ Sorry, I was trying to correct a typo.

  5. That's awesome! She makes me love her even more when she is way funny, but that would probably piss her off, so don't tell her I said that. haha
    Miss you lots! <3 Sarah