Saturday, September 29, 2012

Life is good.

I have had a great couple of weeks. I started working. Two jobs, but both are pretty light schedules so I still get to feel like a Stay At Home Mom. Best of both worlds. Plus, I am taking pictures, so it is not really work.

 I am making Hawaii home. I am trying. I still maintain my personal opinion that it is a great vacation spot, but I have been selling myself the idea of being on a extended vacation. "If you want to be happy, then be."

This past week there have been a few of those "little moments," that just make you happy to be right where you are.

 Twice Chris' trip got postponed. So we said goodbye, only to say hello again. Then when he actually did leave, we each came home to sweet little notes, reminding me why I picked him to be mine. IMG_4323
I didn't even mind that he opened the bag of kisses that I bought to mail to my girlfriend. ;)

 More than a few times, LadyBug came up to me, wrapped her arms around my neck, and said, "You're TRAPPED." I especially love to get trapped while tucking her into bed, forcing me to lie down and snuggle for a few extra minutes. Thank God she reminds me to slow down.

 Carter talked about careers in school. He came home talking all about "fighterfighers." I asked him if he knew any fire fighters, and he couldn't for the life of him think of one. I had to remind him his dad is a Fireman. To which he replied, "Oh Silly Carter!"
 He was totally onto me.

He has been such a big boy lately.  He wants to walk across the street by himself now.  As we were walking home the other day, he told me "I am still your boy mom, and I am not too big to hold your hand, I just want to practice."  *melting

I have said since he was eight months old that he was going to be a runner, and he has been jogging with me lately.  He gets out of the stroller about a half mile from home and jogs back with me.  You have never seen a four year old more proud of himself then this boy.

 These two little siblings are pretty sweet. IMG_4273
How lucky are they to have each other?

Ellie had me literally laughing out loud while being a clown with the Play-dough on our "special date." I am writing this down, just so that when I see this pic, I always remember those giggles. IMG_4328

IMG_4282 IMG_4314
Daily rainbows remind me not to take Hawaii for granted, and to eat it up while I am here. Because before I know it, we will be leaving.

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  1. I 100% love everything about this post. So many sweet and happy things! And I am shocked at how big Carter is.