Monday, September 3, 2012

Hello, September

Time flies.
Little boys that were once babies start sounding out words. (Holy Moly)
Months come and go.
Seasons change, unless you live in Hawaii, then they just don't.
I guess, I wouldn't know because I have only been here a couple of months, but every day seems pretty much the same.
I do love the Cleveland seasons, but I think I will love endless summer too.

What a good way to start a month.  Labor day.  Two Sundays in a row.  Kind of.  People call it Monday, but I don't care what you call it, it feels like Sunday.

I am totally ready for September.  The next few months are going to be so fun.  New Jobs.  Holidays.  The first time Chris has been home for all the Holidays since Ellie was born.  I already have my Christmas list planned out.  How exciting is this?!

I have been losing weight.  Hello cheekbones, nice to see you again.  It has been a while.  I think by the end of the month I will be at my goal.  That is the plan at least.  I am good with planning.  That is what I do.  It is in my blood.  Plan and organize, organize and plan.  Then have panic attacks when life happens and things don't fit.

Panic attacks.  What a shitty way to handle stress.  Whose idea was that anyways?  And what is stress? There isn't stress, there is just life, but yet I think I have too much of this thing called stress breathing down my neck.

My nephew just turned one.  The baby out of his generation, is not a baby anymore.  Then what? Do we let him remain the baby, or does someone do something about that?  It seems so perfect the way it is, but then again someone else to love would be perfect too...

Chris turns 30 in one month.  THIRTY.  I guess I have to stop referring to myself as a girl.  That would just be creepy for a "girl" to be married to a thirty year old.  But how strange to call myself a woman.

My photography is picking up.  Seriously.   Can you believe I am doing what I dreamed of doing, and in Hawaii none the less?  But I have learned: work is work, and location is not nearly as important as who is in your local vicinity.  Still.  I am a lucky
girl woman.

Yesterday we watched the Lorax. It is my new goal in life to learn a song from that movie and sing it with the kids. So I should be annoying my husband by Wednesday.

Hello, September. :)

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