Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Ladybug

Hey, Ls, I love you extra today.
I love the flowers you pick, non-stop.
I love the way you always want your hair braided. 
I love your insanely inappropriate sense of humor, even your poop jokes.
I love the way you play songs on repeat until you know all the lyrics.
I love the way you ride your scooter in my house.
I love your curiosity, and your fearlessness. 
I (especially) love the way you hula-hoop.
I love the way you forgot all other pajamas even exist, except your princess dresses.
I love the way you get angry when you get hurt instead of crying.
I love the way last week two totally unconnected people sent me the same exact quote describing you.
William Shakespeare - "Though she be but littleshe is fierce!"
You are a whole lot of life, packed in to one tiny little package.


 Health, Happiness, and Ladybugs

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