Sunday, August 19, 2012

Camera Roll

August has been good to me so far.  

Ellie Snuggles, Super Heroes, Daddy and Ellie Time.
Snail Races, Blue Eyes, Paint Swirls.
Gardens, Stopping to smell the Daisies, First Days of School.

Alone time with my girl while Brub is in school, French braids, and Giggles.
Haircuts, Scaling walls, a front yard FULL of Hibiscus.
Beach Time, Chocolate Face, and the sweetest siblings in the world.

Gymnastics, and Learning my Dude is stronger than I thought, reading books in the park together.
Smoosh faces at the air-show, Tubby Time, more daisies from my beautiful girl.
The expression I see all day long that says "I know I am funny," Crazy Toddler Art, I box my Gox.

The best Rainbows in the World everyday in my backyard, Silly baby, Can you Tell a Toddler lives here?
Whoa-Air-Show, Giving Thanks, How freakin' cute is he?
Preschool Science, How Cool Are Rainbow Plumerias? and the most beautiful girl in the world.

Health, Happieness, and  

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