Friday, August 31, 2012

Photography Friday- HAVE FUN

Because why document memories, if they aren't fun memories?  
PS.  I personally love shooting on overcast days.  It started raining while we were shooting. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Some days my kids drive me bat-shit-crazy and I consider selling them. Today, they are totally not for sale.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Ladybug

Hey, Ls, I love you extra today.
I love the flowers you pick, non-stop.
I love the way you always want your hair braided. 
I love your insanely inappropriate sense of humor, even your poop jokes.
I love the way you play songs on repeat until you know all the lyrics.
I love the way you ride your scooter in my house.
I love your curiosity, and your fearlessness. 
I (especially) love the way you hula-hoop.
I love the way you forgot all other pajamas even exist, except your princess dresses.
I love the way you get angry when you get hurt instead of crying.
I love the way last week two totally unconnected people sent me the same exact quote describing you.
William Shakespeare - "Though she be but littleshe is fierce!"
You are a whole lot of life, packed in to one tiny little package.


 Health, Happiness, and Ladybugs

Camera Roll

August has been good to me so far.  

Ellie Snuggles, Super Heroes, Daddy and Ellie Time.
Snail Races, Blue Eyes, Paint Swirls.
Gardens, Stopping to smell the Daisies, First Days of School.

Alone time with my girl while Brub is in school, French braids, and Giggles.
Haircuts, Scaling walls, a front yard FULL of Hibiscus.
Beach Time, Chocolate Face, and the sweetest siblings in the world.

Gymnastics, and Learning my Dude is stronger than I thought, reading books in the park together.
Smoosh faces at the air-show, Tubby Time, more daisies from my beautiful girl.
The expression I see all day long that says "I know I am funny," Crazy Toddler Art, I box my Gox.

The best Rainbows in the World everyday in my backyard, Silly baby, Can you Tell a Toddler lives here?
Whoa-Air-Show, Giving Thanks, How freakin' cute is he?
Preschool Science, How Cool Are Rainbow Plumerias? and the most beautiful girl in the world.

Health, Happieness, and  

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Swear to God, this just happened. 
Sitting at the breakfast table:

Chris: why don't you take a bite?
Ellie: why don't you take a bite of my dooza?

Friday, August 10, 2012


Photography took me to Maui.
I took Chris.
The kids stayed home.
The cat stands alone.

Or something like that.
I don't even like cats.

Impression on Maui:

  • Holy crap it is GREEN. 
  • What, I am standing on an island, looking at other islands?
  • These people are crazy-rich, and crazy.
  • I can't imagine the dreamy childhood you would have if you grew up there.
  • The roads are so curvy I got super car sick, a bunch of times.
  • There was a road, on the edge of a cliff, that suddenly turned into a one lane road, around a serious curve where you couldn't see on coming traffic. I think it is similar to Cleveland's "dead man's curve," only scarier. And greener.
  • Best Chocolate Macnut Pie, ever.
  • Lahaina sunsets are amazing.
  • Old men are the best surfers ever, but five year olds are the cutest.
  • Just because the sign says "road ends," doesn't mean it is true.  You might try to keep driving, and then you will find a hidden rich development, on which every street has a sign that says it is a dead end.  But, alas, signs lie.  

Also, while being away I learned, that even though I used to claim, "Home is wherever my husband takes me," I publicly admit I was wrong.  Because he was in Maui with me, but my kids were in Oahu.  So 18 hours later, I changed my mind about where home is.

And, I would like to give a big thanks to the Rainbow Gods, for giving me my quintessential "rainbow between mountains" shot, because nothing makes me warm up to Hawaii more than my daily rainbow fix, and what kind of photographer would I be if I came home with out one from another island?

Now, here is way too many pictures because I can't choose with ones I love the best.

Photography Friday- White Balance

White Balance isn't just to make things white.