Friday, July 13, 2012

Photography Friday- Go Manuel

The first step in taking a great picture:  get off of auto.  You can not control what your picture is going to look like if you are handing control over to your camera.  You need to control your depth of field, shutter, lighting, color, hue, saturation, white balance, and composition.  Auto can't and won't do this for you.
Nearly every photographer I know shoots in auto or "semi-auto" setting, then plugs the picture into photoshop and spends hours editing.
If you take the picture right the first time, the only editing you do will be for fun, to play- not to correct what could have been done in camera.

Here are two example.  The first pic is fully auto.  I took a pic of a crabby little boy who didn't want a camera pointed in his face:
The lighting is harsh, too bright, created glare on his face, and shadows on the background, the background is unattractive and doesn't do much for the photo, it is not evenly lit, or lit for mood.  It is ok, I guess, if all you are looking for is an image to document what a person looks like.  But what if you want more?  What if you want to take an image of what you see when you look at that person?

That is no problem if you are shooting manual.  So adjust your settings and snap.  Same crabby little boy.  Same room, same lighting, same position.  The difference is I took control of my camera.  

Put your camera in manual, and play around. 
More tips to come.

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