Friday, July 27, 2012

Photography Friday- Aperture

-Aperture is the little f/# in your camera.
-Aperture is how big or small the hole is in your lens, or how much light you are letting in.
-Small number (1.4) = big hole, lots of light.  Big number (22) = tiny hole, little light.

-Aperture works with reciprocity     with your shutter speed and ISO.
-The size of your aperture affect the depth of field, and background blur.  (Large aperture=big blur)
-Depth of Field is much smaller with bigger apertures.

The pics of the left are F10.  You can see some detail in the background.  You can also see their whole faces and all of their hair are in focus, (with in the depth of field.)
The pics on the right are F1.8- you can see how it blurs the background, and really isolates the subject. But, if you enlarge it you will see how tiny the depth of field are.  Only their faces and eyes are completely in focus.

So, aperture has a lot to do with how you design a photo.  If you stuck your camera in auto, or even "semi auto" AV, you can't control your background blur, depth of field.  Things that photographers should really love to do.

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