Monday, June 11, 2012

Rainbows, and Sunshine, and Cockroaches, and...

I have been stinking at this whole blogging thing!
So much going on, but I try not to blog complaints, and I have been FILLED with complaints ever since we arrived really.
I WANT to be happy.  I am in Hawaii for goodness sake, but getting settled has been no joke.
Then I got sick on moving day, and have been sick ever since.
But the worst... cockroaches.  I heard "everyone" in Hawaii has them, but I figured I am super clean, and I will buy a few extra mason jars, ect. ect.
Not so much.
And I don't know how I am going to get used to this.  I am not afraid of bugs.  I don't even kill them, I pick them up and take them outside.  But cockroaches don't count.  They have FACES.  They wave their little antenna right at you in a mocking type fashion.
I declare war right now.
How am I supposed to get up four times a night to relieve my granny bladder in peace?
This is worse then when I was five and I believe there were monsters under my bed, because in this case- it is true.  There really are monsters under my bed.

And I am homesick.

Then I wake up this morning to this incredible rainbow like I have never seen, and I am all, "why am I so unhappy, I am in HAWAII?!"  Then I started self loathing for being unhappy.

This is a rough move.

Oh, PS Hello Monday.

Health, Happiness, and Rainbows

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  1. Ash,
    You should make a section for lodging complaints. They are valid, and you have the right to blog fact, since you are is normal! I felt this way when i moved to Texas. Eventually I found things that made me happy...but it really wasn't the same. The have your husband and kids with you...with them by your side, anywhere will be home! I love you, and miss your blogging...I like it when you do, positives AND negatives!!
    I love you, and MISS you! <3 Sarah