Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Honolulu Zoo

We have only been here a few weeks, but we already made it to the zoo, four times.  We can't help it.  We love zoo's.
Carter makes you stop and read every sign.  He will not rest until he thinks he knows every detail about the animal.
These Gibbons entertain us like no other.  If you get there early, they really put on a show, doing flips, hollering, laughing.  It is awesome.  Of course the pics and video don't do it justice.

Then we ran into a peacock who was putting on a show too.  It was gorgeous.  I LOVED it.  It is so upsetting to me that parents just let their kids run wild and chase them or pull their feathers. 

Chris told Ellie she couldn't chase them, that she would scare them.  
Ellie: Why are they scared of me?
Chris:  They don't know you.
Ellie (appalled):  They KNOW me, I am Ellie!

Which demonstrates perfectly how self-centered your world is at two.

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  1. When I would move and travel we would hit every zoo along the way!! I LOVE zoo's. In TX I went to the Fort Worth zoo like 60 times...not kidding! I loved it! I love all the pics!! Makes me miss you more!!