Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sink or swim

What a crazy, crazy couple of weeks.  I think I say that a lot lately.  I just can't seem to stop doggy-paddling through life these days. 
I have been doing just that for about 8 months now.  
Doggy-paddle through the end of deployments, only to find shore duty was going to start out with four months of temporary duty out of state.  
Doggy-paddle through school.  We (very naively) decided to visit Cleveland before the big move to HI- which turned out to be the most challenging experience of all.
Doggy-paddle through the most unorganized, abrupt, and costly military move that I have ever heard of, only to find that once we get here we will be living in a hotel sans kitchen for an undetermined amount of time.  
So, I just keep on Doggy-paddling.  
And yesterday I felt like I was going to finally go under.  Then I remembered this quote that I love:

The cure for anything is saltwater: sweat, tears, or the sea.

Two weeks before we left Cleveland, Ellie got hit by the worst stomach flu ever.  Then of course I got it too.  So I haven't got to run in about three weeks.  
I NEEDED a good run.  And I ran around this little island until I couldn't run anymore.  Then I came home and cried it out.  sweat, tears, or the sea.

This morning we got offered the house that we had been praying for (even though just yesterday nothing was available.) So one more month in this hotel, and we will move to a little tiny island, on base, and as far as I can tell- it will be a dream come true.  

And I think I can finally back-float.

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