Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Awesome vs Awkward

The breakfast we have been eating every morning since we arrived in Hawaii.

Getting your car back after not having it for 3 months.

At the hotel, Ellie says, "Can I press the button on the 'alligator' so we can go downstairs?"

Squinkys- dumbest toy ever, but they have kept Carter occupied ever since the first plane ride.  They haven't  left his sight.  (six days later)

Being lei-ed.  Twice.

Getting to the hotel and sleeping 16 hours straight.

Going from a king bed to a full.  Let's see Chris escape my spooning now.

New adventures finally beginning.

Getting a license plate with a little rainbow on it.

Ford Island.

Flying over waves that look like they never move, and the bluest water I have ever seen.
My ninja-like reflexes as I awoke at 3 am to Carter sneezing, look up to see lady bug literally      sliding off the other bed, I jump up, leap across the room, and grab her by her ankle before she hits the ground, all gently enough to place her back on her pillow with a smooch and never wake her up.  
Living in a hotel mean, no housework.

The first plane was so turbulent, that they never turned off the seatbelt sign.  Ellie screamed to go to the bathroom, but the flight attendant asked me to go back to my seat.  So "it" happened.   All. Over. Everything.  Ever been pooped on by your child one hour into a 30 hour itinerary?

Having a dream about being stuck in a flash mob, and waking up crazy happy because of it.
Carter making friends with another little ginger at the airport, and watching him confuse the other family confuse my kid for theirs.


Saying goodbye to people I love.  Again.

Carter starting random conversations with people everywhere we go, and having him tell them all about hit friends from home, and watching strangers look completely confused as to what the hell he is saying.

Keeping this straight:
6 hours time difference to Cleveland
5 hours to Chicago
4 hours to Colorado
3 hours to California
That is until the mainland does time change.

My sudden unexplained meat craving, after 15 years of being a vegetarian.  (Not pregnant, not possible.)

Having all of our summer wardrobe in storage, and living in HI.  Oops.

Living in a hotel means, $6 a load.  No joke. 

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  1. I love your adventures...Awesome and Awkward!! <3