Monday, April 2, 2012

Like you have ever seen anything more beautiful than this:


Ellie randomly decided a few days ago, that she is done with diapers. I think this is it. I think she (finally) is going to take potty training seriously.
She has been ready for a while, but she takes inhalers several times a day, and she drinks a lot. It is really hard for her to hold it with as much as she drinks, but she is definitely showing all the signs.

As much as I am SO READY to be done with diapers, this is it... my last baby, growing out of baby things. *sniffle, sniffle

PS. Contrary to what everyone says, girls are way harder to potty train. First off, their will power. Secondly SITTING them on public toilets, and letting them put their little hands on the seat. YUCK.

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