Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Four days in.

My resolution(s) (I am a big resolution person) is: to set a new goal every month, and to work on patience, and to send random mixed CD and birthday cards to random friends for no reason other than the fact that I was thinking of them.
I feel pretty confidant that I will succeed at all three.
I have been setting goals for a few months now anyways.

My January goal is to run 100 miles.
I am 12.1 miles in.

I have been extra patient with the kids, and trying to make sure I make a little time to give each one a little extra one on one.  That is hard for me while Chris is gone.

Once this year, I got a friends birthday mixed up, and sent her a birthday card when it wasn't her birthday.  I decided it is my new thing.  I figure, it is just as good as a "thinking of you."  Less cheesy.  Plus, I will never have to remember anyone's actual birthday, because you will get one sooner or later.

Don't you ever hear a song and think, "(insert name here) would like this song" or "this song makes me think of..."
Sometimes I make CDs for my friends.  Because I am stuck in the 90s- it is time to embrace who I really am.  Lookout for random mixed CDs and feel free to think I am a weirdo when you receive them. Also, please picture me dancing and singing the song-

Tomorrow I pick Chris up from the airport.  Like officially this time.  Not like all the other times that he was supposed to be here.

The kids went on a Barnes and Noble shopping spree today.  My new favorite thing to do with them.  They love books.  They love picking out their own books.  They love sitting and reading.  We read together for at least two hours today.  The only thing that makes my two year old sit still is a good book.

I picked out Carter's first science book.  He said, "Mom why aren't any of these dinosaurs wearing pants?"

Then he stayed up three hours past his bedtime "reading."  I just pretended that I didn't notice his bedroom light on.   
That makes me happy on two levels: 1) I love that he loves books.  2) I hope that means I get to sleep in tomorrow.

It was 80 degrees here today.  I left Cleveland 5 summers ago.  As a rule of thumb, I love cold, I tolerate heat, I loath humidity.
I have finally adapted.  60 feels cold.  Today the warmth covered me like a happy, cozy blanket.  Literally and figuratively brightened my day.  How will I ever go back to the North East?  Maybe 2012 in HI won't be so bad after all.

Today Ellie asked me for a "Figh Hive" and held out her hand.   I am pretty sure I have said this before, but she is my dream come true.

Life has been good to me lately.

  • 2007- got married
  • 2008- CARTER
  • 2009- ELLIE  
  • 2010- graduated college
  • 2011- survived two deployments, made lots of new friends, laughed, took pics, ran, took more pics,    snuggled babies, toured San Diego, made a business plan, took photography classes, ran some more, took more pics, said goodbye to too many friends, took a few more pics (about 16000 if I counted right)

I am so sad about how time flies.  If I think about it took much it is scary.
But I get so excited looking into the future.  2012 might be pretty cool.


A state of happiness and satisfaction.

Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.  -Philippians 4:11

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