Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Things that have been happening since I started sucking at blogging:

Carter got a new cape, which is pretty much all he needs for entertainment.  You can catch him at any given time "stopping cars" or opening automatic doors at the grocery store.  He is so animated about it, he really has a story going inside his head as he shoots magic.  Crazy little thing.

Ellie is convinced the "movers" are some evil monsters coming to take her away.  Also, with the help of Chris' iPad, she has perfected her fake cry face.  See:

We are leaving San Diego in two weeks (sniffle sniffle) and will spend two or more months in Cleveland waiting for Chris to be done with school, and get us a house in HI.
I am getting more and more excited about HI.
And more and more sad about leaving San Diego.

I made a new, kid friendly way to sneak chicken and veggies in on the kiddos.  My kids have an issue with chewing the meat.  So:
Chicken Roll Ups

Homemade Chicken Salad, (mine had carrots and celery mixed in) and american cheese- rolled up in a crescent roll.  

Both my kids ate it.  So it is a win in my house of picky eaters.

Carter and Ellie got to see Toy Story on Ice.  Ellie wore her Jessie shirt, and Carter wore his Woody shirt.  We got there just in time to have the usher point us in the direction of our nose bleed seats.  As I was walking up the stairs he gestured for me to come back and said, "your little boy loves Woody, doesn't he?" I of course concurred, and he walked us down to the front row, and said it was Carter's lucky day.  I wish I would have had a chance to thank this man- but it was so crowded and happened so fast.  It was a present for Carter's 4th birthday, and he has seriously been THE biggest fan since he was two years old.  I don't think that man knew how much that meant to me.  There really are sweet people in this world.
(my chubbs babies two years ago)
Ellie 6 Months
(still a fan)

Ellie has completely fallen head over heals in love with a teeny tiny rabbit- the size of a dime.  No joke.  It came with a book.  There are several little figures that came with that book, but the rabbit is it.  She smuggled it into the YMCA a few days ago, and dropped it while her and Chris were playing on the way out.  I actually found the same book (used) for $1 online- so I broke down and bought it.  But until it comes I have been hearing, "Moooooom, where my bunnywabbit go?  At YCA?  WHYYYYYYYY" on repeat. Oh Mr. Postman, look and see, if there is a letter oh yeah, in that bag for me...

One of the sweetest things Carter has been up to lately is saving the toilet paper rolls, and wearing them on his arms as "lasers" or "web shooters." So cute. So cheap.  He has also been eating 5-6 meals a day.  He woke up the other morning, grabbed and empty roll from the bathroom (I just save them on the counter) and his hand didn't fit.  No joke.  Just overnight like that.  That sweet little-boy-moment is gone.  Just. Like. That.  (insert the sound of my heart breaking here.) 

We have been reading a lot.  It has been about 3-4 months since we got rid of the TV, and I don't miss it anymore.  Neither to the kids.  I have been spending lots at the bookstore though- I just can't help myself.  I keep finding books I used to love.  Charlotte's Web!  Yes please!  We bought it yesterday and we are already half way through.  I can't believe they can sit that long, or my voice doesn't give out- but as long as they will listen.  I will read.

I made my January goal to run 100 miles,  104 to be exact!  So happy with myself.  I can officially call myself a runner, or an athlete, or some other name I haven't been able to refer to myself as in a few years.  :D

February 2012- Photo Challenge

photo challenge

This have been going FAST in 2012! I am going to do this Photo Challenge for the month of February to try and keep up with what will be going on. AKA- Alot.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Carter: Mama,do you know what girl I love?
Me: who?
Carter: You!

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Buzz and Princess Wedding

Remember a few months ago, when Carter purposed to me and I had to let him down gently. Well, I finally got Ellie in a princess dress, and held a ceremony for the two of them.  No, seriously I did.


I was the bad guy, Carter was Buzz, and Ellie was Godzuki, the fire-breathing dragon with laser beam eyes. Because that is totally normal for a two year old girl.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ellie: where Daddy go, Brub?
Carter: He is in the other side of the planet. A place called Mexico.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Four days in.

My resolution(s) (I am a big resolution person) is: to set a new goal every month, and to work on patience, and to send random mixed CD and birthday cards to random friends for no reason other than the fact that I was thinking of them.
I feel pretty confidant that I will succeed at all three.
I have been setting goals for a few months now anyways.

My January goal is to run 100 miles.
I am 12.1 miles in.

I have been extra patient with the kids, and trying to make sure I make a little time to give each one a little extra one on one.  That is hard for me while Chris is gone.

Once this year, I got a friends birthday mixed up, and sent her a birthday card when it wasn't her birthday.  I decided it is my new thing.  I figure, it is just as good as a "thinking of you."  Less cheesy.  Plus, I will never have to remember anyone's actual birthday, because you will get one sooner or later.

Don't you ever hear a song and think, "(insert name here) would like this song" or "this song makes me think of..."
Sometimes I make CDs for my friends.  Because I am stuck in the 90s- it is time to embrace who I really am.  Lookout for random mixed CDs and feel free to think I am a weirdo when you receive them. Also, please picture me dancing and singing the song-

Tomorrow I pick Chris up from the airport.  Like officially this time.  Not like all the other times that he was supposed to be here.

The kids went on a Barnes and Noble shopping spree today.  My new favorite thing to do with them.  They love books.  They love picking out their own books.  They love sitting and reading.  We read together for at least two hours today.  The only thing that makes my two year old sit still is a good book.

I picked out Carter's first science book.  He said, "Mom why aren't any of these dinosaurs wearing pants?"

Then he stayed up three hours past his bedtime "reading."  I just pretended that I didn't notice his bedroom light on.   
That makes me happy on two levels: 1) I love that he loves books.  2) I hope that means I get to sleep in tomorrow.

It was 80 degrees here today.  I left Cleveland 5 summers ago.  As a rule of thumb, I love cold, I tolerate heat, I loath humidity.
I have finally adapted.  60 feels cold.  Today the warmth covered me like a happy, cozy blanket.  Literally and figuratively brightened my day.  How will I ever go back to the North East?  Maybe 2012 in HI won't be so bad after all.

Today Ellie asked me for a "Figh Hive" and held out her hand.   I am pretty sure I have said this before, but she is my dream come true.

Life has been good to me lately.

  • 2007- got married
  • 2008- CARTER
  • 2009- ELLIE  
  • 2010- graduated college
  • 2011- survived two deployments, made lots of new friends, laughed, took pics, ran, took more pics,    snuggled babies, toured San Diego, made a business plan, took photography classes, ran some more, took more pics, said goodbye to too many friends, took a few more pics (about 16000 if I counted right)

I am so sad about how time flies.  If I think about it took much it is scary.
But I get so excited looking into the future.  2012 might be pretty cool.


A state of happiness and satisfaction.

Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.  -Philippians 4:11

Reading a new science book: Mom, why aren't any of these dinosaurs wearing any pants?

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

‎Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each New Year find you a better person.
~Benjamin Franklin