Thursday, August 4, 2011

Life After Deployment

Deployment is over for us.  For now.  For a couple of years at least.  My head is still spinning.  Really.  Life while Chris was deployment was in slow motion and fast forward all at once.  And it doesn't stop there.

Chris has been home five weeks, and I am just finishing up my Post Deployment Meltdown.  I feel like while he was gone I was spread thin, sanity just hanging on a string, and he got home just in time to watch the string snap and catch the remains.   (Poor guy.)

Mom Of Brats  describes deployment:
3 kids threw up. A lot. I broke my toe. I got strep throat. They got strep throat. More throw up. I wrote a lot of articles. And sold them. I wrote a blog. I ran a half marathon. My car broke. It broke again. Then it broke again. We read books together, went to parks together, traveled to relatives, hosted friends and family. I sat in martial arts, basketball, soccer, piano recitals, school concerts: Entertaining a 2 year old. I bought a new car. Played on our street. Said goodbye to friends and hello to new ones. My best friend listened to me cry. Came over. Listened some more. We sent care packages. Waited for phone calls. Skype. Darn bad connections with Skype. An email from dad! There was my birthday and three kids birthdays. And Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter. And then my birthday again. Hurt feelings. Hard days. Good days. And winter days. The kids went to school. Stayed with sitters. Threw up some more. I wrote about it. We cried. We hugged. We laughed. And cried some more. Sometimes together. Sometimes alone. Our families came. Helped. And left. Came again. Helped some more. Skype. The kids and I talked a lot. We didn't talk at all. We went to the beach. Packed up a house. And then we picked up and moved. Unpacked. Set up house. And waited. For daddy to finally come home.

 So five weeks, and we have crammed in two visitors (third one will be here in no time, Hi Mom,) a surgery, helped two toddlers adjust, started potty training, got new orders, had meltdown about new orders, bought a car, and neglected ourselves. 

Maybe that is just life in general? I don't know because this is the life I know.  

But today, I breathe a little easier and feel a little refreshed knowing we are done.  For now.

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