Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ladybug Video

Miss Ladybug is so cute.

Deployment Day Uno

Today went good.
But my camera broke. The first time in the countless times that ship has been in and out, that they manned the rails in their blues, and my camera broke.
Such a big moment in our life, and I didn't get my PhotoTherapy.
Furthermore, now I am convinced I need RealTherapy to address my (maybe) misguided anger.
Here are a few I took with my little camera.
(Yes, I carry two cameras) (Yes, I know I am a freak.)
I borrowed photos from the Carl Vinson photographers to share with you (whoever you are ;P )


Proud. Bittersweet.

Words to get me through deployment

This hangs in my living room, written across picture of Chris kissing me on my forehead. I have loved it for a long time, but today it makes me smile a little more.

i carry your heart with me
(i carry it in my heart)
i am never without it
(anywhere i go you go, my dear; and whatever is done by only me is your doing, my darling)
i fear no fate
(for you are my fate, my sweet)
i want no world
(for beautiful you are my world, my true)
and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)
e. e. cummings

Monday, November 29, 2010

Me: I love you to the moon, Buddy.
Carter: Thank you! Do you love me to the sun too?

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Don't count the days, make the days count.
Written 11/29, Back-dated for OPSEC:

This morning when I woke up I realized it was the last time for (X) months that I will be sleeping next to my husband. :/
And then he left, and I picked up his socks and realized it was the last time in (X) months that I am going to find his socks next to the couch. <--And I feel bad about that!? HAHAHA
Just kidding.
I have been anticipating this day for so long that it feels surreal.
A little scary, a little emotional.

But in the great words of my hero, Doc Holiday, "There's no normal life, Wyatt, it's just life. Get on with it."

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Dear Julian,
While I am totally sure your Christmas celebration was to be taken seriously- I couldn't help but feel I was stuck in the middle of Nightmare Before Christmas meet Bad Christmas Special.
Nevertheless, I want to thank you for helping me laugh my ass off with the Boeves, and a delish apple pie. Good times.
See you when you give me snow.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Facebook status gone wrong.

This is what everyone is putting as their facebook status right now:

My husband has made me laugh-Made me cry- Wiped my tears- Hugged me
tight- Watched me succeed- Seen me fail- Cheered me on- and Kept me going
strong!! My husband is a promise from God, that I will have a Friend

I'm gonna have to take it a step further.

My husband has done all those things, in addition to that:
1. Drained my drainage tubes, twice daily, for seven days straight.
2. Gave me a shower when I could barely stand.
3. Fed me stool softeners post op.
4. Slept on the footstool next to the couch for the past three weeks, so he can sleep next to me, and I can sleep comfortably.

I guess I will keep him.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Thursday 5

I am THANKFUL for the beautiful day my family had yesterday, and THANKFUL that I realize the absence make me appreciate the good times. I give THANKS for my health and my speedy recovery, and for the health off my children. I am THANKFUL to have many little luxuries that I have and do not take for granted. Finally and most importantly I give THANKS to God.


Thanksgiving day at the San Diego Zoo.
In matters of style, swim with the current;
In matters of principle, stand like a rock.
-Thomas Jefferson

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving.
~W.T. Purkiser

If everyday could be like today, I still wouldn't have enough.

First we took pics at the park. (I NEED TO BE A PHOTOGRAPHER!) I just can't get enough. I love taking pics (especially of my babies.)
The best part of taking pics was that we had fun doing it. The kids played on the jungle gym while I chased them around with the camera. They were just doing what they do. I LOVE IT. After I uploaded the pics, I found myself literally laughing out loud. They are so funny.



After the pics we went to the mall for the indoor play area. And what do you know? Santa was there. We had to coax the babies in, so we all ended up in the pic :)

Then we were hungry so we headed over to the Corvette Diner. SO FREAKING COOL!


Making the most of our time.
Love it.


Using a fork for the first time, and being facetious while mommy is trying to snap a pic.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Daddy Pillows!

I already talked about how awesome I think these people are, but we got the kids picture pillows yesterday.
They are AWESOME. The kids LOVE them.
If one of your family members are deploying, go here.

If you are feeling charitable remember, they do this for FREE.
Donations can be made to:
Sweet Dreams Picture Pillow Project
981 Timber Glen Lane
Ballwin, Missouri 63021-6069




Two very happy kids thank you!


I sent a pic and a thank you, and this was his response:

Dear Ashley,
Thank you for the beautiful picture. Pictures like this verify our belief that these pillows make a difference in helping children cope with the absence of a parent. But in truth the thanks is ours for allowing us to make these special pillows for your children. Please spread the word that others may take advantage of our offer. Hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
John & Linda Stoeffler

So sweet.

Ellie's First Birthday (Party)

Daddy wanted to make sure he was here to see his baby girl eat that cupcake, so we rescheduled a bit.

We had a impromtu party at the park yesterday.

For the first time in history, I didn't get a lot of pics. My hands were full and the lighting sucked. But no worries, you know I will be dressing her up and taking more ;P

Proud Mama

Cupcakes for my cuppycake

"Whoa Daddy, is that safe?"


Blurry but fun

Beautiful baby

Daddy's girl

Sunday, November 21, 2010


There are things, that if you knew me when I was 23 (or younger for that matter) you could never envision me doing.
There are things that I could never imagine coming out of my mouth.
And the longer I am a mother, the more I find myself in the moment thinking, "damn, I never thought that would just happen."
So without further ado, I give you my new label: Parenthood.

Yesterday, as I was walking though Walmart I found myself scolding Carter, yelling, "I am not going to say it again, quit licking me- I don't care what you and Daddy do, don't lick Mama!"

So, pretty much I didn't wonder why I got weird looks on that one...


Sometimes 6am is not that bad :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Some things only matter if you make them matter.

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The smartest person in the room is probably the one who doesn't say it.

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Gifts from Nana.

I love that Carter comes down the stairs in the morning, 6am, and is already wearing his COWBOY HAT.
I love that I take him to the store in his cute little athletic pants, a sweatshirt, and-obviously his BOOTS.
And- it may be a pain in the ass, but it is so adorable that we have to wash the same pair of PAJAMAS over and over- just so he can dream about being Woody.

Even 2500 miles away, his childhood wouldn't be the same without you.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chris to Carter while they are building their house: "see these, these are called instructions, and guys don't use them."
Carter: "OK!"


Chris to Carter while they are building their house, "See these, these are called instructions, and guys don't use them."
Carter, "Ok!"

Monday, November 15, 2010

Carter's first sailing trip.

I don't know why this wasn't my 365 pic!? I completely forgot to blog this-
My super sweet friend picked Carter up the on the 11th (perfect timing, because that was a rough day for me) and took him on a day trip with her family.
So he floated through the Harbor and our into the Pacific before his mama! Although, with my motion sickness, it will probably be a long time before I go out ;)
He said he had a great time, and talked about it for days, but he didn't like when it blew it's horn- it was too loud for him. The boat is called the Hornblower, buddy, sorry 'bout your luck...




330 of 365

My lasagna lovin', blue eyed, ginger baby.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sweet Dreams Picture Pillow

Yesterday I stumbled on this site http://www.pillowprojectusa.com/.

This is a husband and wife who make these totally awesome pillows for children who parent is going to be deployed for over three months- FOR FREE!

No joke. I already ordered mine, and I talked to the man who runs this project. I asked how we can make a donation to his business and this was my response:

Actually, our "company" consists of my wife Linda and me a a number of volunteers who help with the sewing. We incorporated as a "company" as a Missouri not for profit organization as it is easier to request funds from local business who have rules about donating to organizations. No one in our organization recieves any financial compensation whatever. Each order we ship includes a note indicating the shipping and handling costs and asks for the recipient to help pay for shipping and handling. Any additional donation is always welcome. This is stricly voluntary.
John Stoeffler

He said he could tell a carrier was deploying in this area because he had over 300 orders. 300 orders that he and his wife fund.

What a kind, selfless thing for this couple to do, so kids like Carter and Ellie can give Daddy a snuggle at bedtime.

So this year when you are doing your Christmas donations, please remember these people. And fellow bloggers, please repost.

Donations can be made to:
Sweet Dreams Picture Pillow Project
981 Timber Glen Lane
Ballwin, Missouri 63021-6069

I said it before...

...and I will say it again, "BE NICE." Really, genuinly nice. It's kind of important.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


She went from Mommy's shadow to Daddy's girl- that fast.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Corps

"You cannot exaggerate about the Marines. They are convinced to the point of arrogance, that they are the most ferocious fighters on earth- and the amusing thing about it is that they are."
Father Kevin Keaney
1st Marine Division Chaplain
Korean War
I'm home and I am doing better than expected. Super sleepy so I'll call every one later.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

We all are who we are- until that moment we strive for something greater. -Brad Melter

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The only people you need in your life are the ones who prove they need you in theirs.

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