Thursday, September 30, 2010

A few steps! :)))))

286 9/29/2010


Dear California, This is how Eastlake-ians handle a storm. Take note, quit your bitching, and dance in the rain. ♥ the L's

285 9/28/2010

Consider this the first of many Buzz pics. Carter has literally slept in this costume- he is in love. And to clarify for you, he is not agitated. That is his Buzz face. Also note the clenched fists and body-builder pose. This dates back to pre-costume.

9/27/2010 284

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dendrite- a fiber that extends from a neuron and receives electrochemical impulses transmitted from other neurons. ----your brain actually gains weight as you create dendrites up to the age if two. Then "pruning" begins as unused pathways die. The total number of connections you have made by two is what you have to work with for the rest of your life. READ TO YOUR BABIES!!!

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Friday, September 24, 2010

September 24th

So I glanced at the calendar today. September 24th. The day my mom used to put a little note in my lunch that said, "Happy 6 month birthday." And then I immediately thought of my anniversary, since we were married on my 24th birthday, it is my 3 1/2 year anniversary. (It also means I am 27, not 26 like I told the doctor the other day.) Anyways, normally this 1/2 year anniversary wouldn't even cross my mind, but I figured since we won't be together again this coming year, why not be flexible and celebrate now.
Chris can't have breakfast with us this weekend because of duty, so I surprised him with a huge Breakfast for Dinner meal.
Hey, it is not exactly a romantic date, but we are improvising.
As a matter of a fact, I am copy and pasting this post to my actual anniversary date, so when I feel like whining six months from now, I can be reminded that we already celebrated together

Dear Wonder Woman:

Here is a super cute post I wanted to share- written by The Young Retiree. Read on:)

Dear Wonder Woman,

I hope this letter finds you better than it finds me! I have a little bit of beef with you and some of your pals. I know it's not your fault really, but let me tell you my complaints. Once upon a time, someone dubbed you a super hero. You, and Superman, Batman, those God-awful Fantastic Four! You all fight crime and evil and make the world a better place. You take the glory that doesn't belong to you!

You want to know who the real superheroes are? Aquaman, G.I. Joe, and their counterparts, but somewhere along the line we forgot about them. Thanks to you and your crew. I never put too much faith into the usual heroes out there- I guess it was because my life lacked any. Then a tragic event happened and I realized who the real heroes out there were.

How could you parade around pretending to be so amazing, when there are men and women who die for our freedoms going unnoticed and under-appreciated? If you were a real hero, you would step aside and let them gt the recognition they deserve!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Lots of catching up:"Fasten your seatbelt, slut puppy. This ain't gonna be no cakewalk!"

I haven't been blogging [writing, I always find time for pics ;)] much lately- but that just shows that I have been busy- which is a good thing. I have posts in my head, but they are kind of outdated now, so I will do a quick run down:

- I have still been working out, and losing steadily. I am officially twenty pounds down. I want to lose fast, but I have been making a conscious effort to lose slowly- so I can still nurse Ellie. That may not be working, but we will see.

- Ellie turned 9 months this weekend. She has been changing so fast. She is playing a lot, developing a sense of humor, babbling, dancing, taking one or two steps, and getting more beautiful by the day.
But, she only weighed in at fifteen pounds. hmm... She hasn't gained even an ounce since she was five/six months old. We did go through the same thing with Carter, in VA.- when he was born he was in the 90th percentile, and he dropped down to the tenth by the time he was 8 months old. They used words with me like "failure to thrive" and repeatedly brought him back for weight checks, and it turns out, he is just a little dude.
Anyways, I think she is fine, but the doc is all worked up. She claims it is different because Carter was still gaining, but Ellie is not. She eats like a little piggy, she just NEVER STOPS MOVING. She literally climbs my kitchen cabinets. SCALES THEM. She is on the go. I have been pushing formula on her (YUCK) but she wants nothing to do with it. So the game plan is to offer as much food as I can, and to feed her olive oil and whole milk (which I am not sure I agree with but who am I do go against Dr. advice right?)
To be continued...
-Carter is being Carter. Something new each day. He can count to ten, sing along to the ABCs, tell you colors and shapes, put his shoes on, and give you one mean attitude. Where could he possibly get that from?
- Chris working like a mad man. His schedule this week is Sunday through Saturday, a minimal of 12 hour days, and two 24 hour shifts in there. So he will be home sometime Sunday morning to enjoy his 22 hour day off before he goes out for a couple days next week. I especially love how even when he is not deployed or on duty there are still several days in a row where he doesn't get to see the kids. Not bitter.
- I did get a night out the other day. I think it was honestly the first time in three years that me and girlfriends went out together. It was SO FUN. We went to Melt (a fondue joint) and enjoyed a child free meal. Chris was kind enough to hold down the fort for me. ***Sigh***
- School- SO. Close. So little sleep. ;) (that's okay)
-We had the FRG meeting the other night, and it was like reality slapping me in the face. I have a whole post in my head about how he has been gone much more than he has been home the past year, how even when he is home he still is working 100 hours a week, how he will miss his birthday (again), halloween (again), Thanksgiving, Ellie's first birthday (most of Ellie's first year), Christmas, New Years, Valentines (again), Carter's birthday (again), my birthday (again), our anniversary (again), about how the days are winding down til the big deployment, and there is so much to do, and so little time, about how all we have to look forward to (as a complete family) is the next "promise" given by Chris' command that things will get better when X happens. I was going to write that I don't feel sorry for myself, but I feel absolutely crushed for my husband and children. I was going to write that post, but I am being "positive, so that was my shortened version.
- So in response to that hypothetical whiny post that I was going to write, I was also going to write a positive post. My general rule of thumb is I give myself ONE DAY. If I am having a hard time adjusting, I can feel sorry for myself for one day, but the next day I need to get over myself. I mean, come on, there are a lot of families that have it a lot worse.
So here goes, positivity.
1. Chris is going to be deployed, and he is going to see SO MUCH that I can't even say. There should be quite a few, very cool ports he will visit, and I am VERY happy for him.
2. My kids are young and they WILL adjust.
3. Even though I hate being away from him, I honestly feel like it makes us stronger. You know what they say-distance does to love what wind does to fire; it extinguishes the weak and feeds the strong ♥
4. I am planning little trips to explore the west while Chris is gone.
5. That's all I have right now, I'm working on the positive thing.

Anyways, life goes on, and what's coming is already on it's way...
Stay tuned for more updates- I will keep some lighthearted, because I can't stand listening to myself bitch this much. :p

"Fasten your seatbelt, slut puppy. This ain't gonna be no cakewalk!"

The Langtry's Farewell to Summer

I tried to do a little photo shoot to commemorate the last day of summer yesterday- I got a few but it went better in my head. I am going to try it again, but in the mean time- here is our summer SALUTE.






She will be walking in no time!

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Turn the volume up to hear those giggles!

Notice a trend?



This is a new trend the past week. Sleep sleep sleep.
The kids have colds, and it seems like it is kicking his little butt. He went to bed at 1pm Saturday, and 5 pm Monday, and has never stopped eating in between. Maybe the cold, maybe a growth spurt? I don't know, but being so off schedule is doing nothing for his behavior I can tell you that.
Also, notice how he is not in his bed? The exact. same. thing. happened this time last year- accompanied by SCREAMING. Hoping that it is not Halloween scaring him, because I do not want to relive that nightmare. ***fingers crossed***

Fusilli Carter

Please, someone, get the Seinfeld reference...

Not the best photos, but it was a fun craft/lunch time.

279 9/22/2010

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God willing Kids willing, this will be a slow morning.

278 9/21/2010

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276 9/19/2010

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275 9/18/2010

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274 9/17/2010

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273 9/16/2010 Haircut!

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."
- Christopher Robin to Pooh

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Only get even with the ones who have helped you.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sharing a post:

I just grabbed this from Pencil in Paradise. The Young Retiree made me hip to it.
I just liked this post, so I thought I would share :)

Top Ten Lessons to Learn from a Navy Spouse:

"I never would have made it without you."
--Mayo, An Officer and a Gentleman

Despite its limited geographic area, Coronado is the birthplace of naval aviation (North Island Naval Air Station), home to the SEAL Silver Strand Training Complex and the Naval Amphibious Base. I'm not military, nor do I come from a military family. In fact, the closest I've ever come to a military existence is when my mentor attorney pushed me into my first deposition--price tags still attached to my business suit--and said, "You've got to get over that wall, Sugar Britches." He, of course, was referring to An Officer and a Gentleman. Go ahead. Laugh. I'm sure he did.

Speaking of pathetic, I can't take a photo on or near the base for fear I'll be thrown in the Brig where military personnel will delete the images from my awesomely amateur camera. Therefore, I give you a military themed photo from our 4th of July parade... ta da!
Coronado's Independence Day Parade
Awesomely amateur iPhone photo credit: Carrie Keyes
Despite my civilian dorkiness, somehow I've managed to acquire plenty of cool Navy friends over the past few years. I've noticed the way these families, particularly spouses, adapt to constant change. We should all try to live more like them. And no, I'm not trying to get on base for a free movie. Or a McFlurry from the golden arches drive-thru (civilian paradise isn't convenient). No, I'm not trying to do that. No!

Can you "pencil in" a few lessons to learn from a Navy spouse in paradise? Let's lift them up where they belong, people! These dynamos have taught me ten lessons. Well, more than that but readers like top ten lists. You might get a bonus lesson if you stand at attention.


  1. Accept and embrace change. As in, "The Pentagon? But we just unpacked."
  2. Friends are family. Whether your kids need a lift to lacrosse practice or you're stuck in a hospital bed, your friends will help you while your spouse is on a clandestine mission on the other side of the world.
  3. De-clutter. Meaningless crap is not worth the space nor time it consumes. You won't miss it.
  4. Keep in touch. You might meet again halfway around the marble we call Earth.
  5. Get acclimated. Make things happen for you; don't wait for things to happen to you.
  6. Support your main squeeze. Throw him lots of fun "wetting down" and "change of command" parties and invite your ordinary citizen blogger friends.
  7. Learn languages. French...Japanese..Military Acronyms. What the?
  8. Teach resilience. Everyone needs a dose of it at one point or another in life. It's the essence of human survival. As the SEALS say, "The only easy day was yesterday."
  9. Have patience. You're moving in a matter of weeks but have no idea where you're going. You're unaware of your spouse's exact location in the world, his mission and when he will be returning home. Smile and multi-task. Your fortitude is supernatural. Really.
  10. Remember that a goodbye is always followed by a hello. Each move is a step in a forward direction with new friends to make, profound experiences to share and valuable lessons to learn.
  11. * BONUS! With each relocation, your wardrobe becomes new again. Perhaps this lesson should be ranked highest. I'm ready to enlist my husband. Report for duty, Number One!
Coronado would be a snore without the patriotic folks who give it character. What's a beach without a flight path overhead and submarines and Navy-trained dolphins cruising offshore? What's a day at the pool without watching Frogmen leap from an open helicopter into Glorietta Bay? I appreciate the way our population churns with eclectic, variable, and exciting people.

My life is enriched beyond measure knowing I've invested in friendships with Navy families, learned how to live. This Sugar Britches may never get over the O-Course wall, but she's grateful to help "lift up" those who do.

Monday, September 6, 2010

My Ellie Mahoney Firecracker

This is just a taste of what she does all day. I don't even know what to do with her- she has spirit like I have never seen in a baby. She laughs in your face when you tell her 'no' and redirecting her attention is IMPOSSIBLE.
She is determined to say the least.
Someday this will be a very good trait in a woman, now just to get through the next 22 or so years. :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Today, we had a... DATE (Gasps of disbelief.) I know, I can't believe it myself. And we got some fun shots too. Good times. More on Flickr.