Friday, May 7, 2010

Magic is real!

The most amazing thing happened at my house.
It started last night around 1945, when both the kids laid down in bed, and actually stayed asleep.
The magic continued til the alarm rang at 0545 this morning, I got up, made breakfast, packed Chris' lunch, and even though I felt pretty refreshed I thought "fuck it, the baby slept the night through, I am going to lay back down."
0730- I woke up (again) not because I little person demanded it, but because I WASN'T TIRED ANYMORE! What, what, what?!
Panic started to set in, considering L rarely sleeps the night through, let along this late, so I went to check on her, and found her just starting to wake. I took her downstairs, fed her, cuddled on the couch, WATCHED A WHOLE HOUR LONG EPISODE OF ADULT TV SAVED ON MY DVR. The whole time L entertained me with her cute little smile.
0900- Panic struck for a second time when I realized what time it was and little Dude was still sleeping. I snuck in his bedroom, and got totally busted. He woke up with the biggest smile and I got the biggest hug.
It is 0930, I am still in PJs snuggled with Carter, L is down for her morning nap, and my faith in magic is renewed.
I will just go ahead and consider this my mother's day present from God.

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