Friday, May 7, 2010

Life as we know it:

I have been slacking in my updates lately, so much going on. I don't even know where to start right now.

He is home. Yay! (I know, it's kind of old news, but I may just keep saying it.) The ship of course has not lived up to their end of the bargain. You know the one. "When we get to (fill in the blank with Christmas, Norfolk, Shipyard, Cali, ect, ect) you will have a month of down time. That's okay though, I have learned what to expect. You know, I am a seasoned milspouse now, as Chris is about to hit his three year mark on the Chucky V- 3 1/2 years in. So I know, "I will be home early today," means don't start looking at the clock until at least 1830. C'est la vie. The trick is keeping yourself busy. Anyways, back to Chris. He is a busy bee, and will be starting collage in June to pursue a Engineering degree. He will be taking the E6 exam in September, (two years early) HEYYYYYY, because he received an EP on his Eval. (Navy jargon, just know that it means he is totally kicking ass.) So lots of studying in his future. Which he should have time for- because he will be gone most of July and August. So...yeah.

This kid just really amazes me. His ability to adapt to our ever changing lifestyle that has been the past four months is impressive to say the least. He is right back into the same old Cart that I knew and loved in VA. Our stay in Cleveland was rough, but heeeee's baaaack. He has been doing awesome with the potty (knock on wood) and his behavior is really better than ever. I don't know, but I think he might go through fazes. Where is tests me for a while, learns his limits, chills for a bit, then trys again later. ??? Any other parent experience that? Well, much to my pleasure we are in the "chill" stage- so I digress. His speach gets better everyday, he is making sentences, repeating everything, being helpful, yadda yadda, just down right adorable.

Ellie: What can I say about her? She is trying to scoot on the floor a bit. She is strong, alert, and four months old so other than the cuteness levels raising at amazing rates, there isn't much to update on. She is happy all morning, and in my arms from ten o'clock on. She is a handful... of love.

Me: So far my days have been going like this- Up with Chris, then feed and cuddle Elle. Next Carter is up, feed him. Get every one dressed. Out of the house for a walk and take the kids to the playground. Home for lunch. Baths. Naps. My time to clean/rest. Kids up, playtime. Prep dinner. Wait for Chris.- I can get used to this.
I am getting active again. I finally have a doctor appointment scheduled this month, so hopefully things will get underway with me soon. I seriously have a LIST of things to talk to him about. As much as I would love to have more kids, thank God I can't get pregnant again. Pregnancy tore me up! My wrist needs fixed, and I CAN'T WAIT to get my hernia fixed! I still look like I am six months pregnant with my belly button sticking out. Seriously, it's getting old- and slightly embarrassing. So, I have been walking and doing light exercise, but I am limited and it is super discouraging. But I do feel good so I will keep it up until I can move on from the sissy workouts. I am starting school in June too. I am five classes away from my degree and now is my time! I wish I could just take all of them now, but we can't afford all of it at once. It would be nice to be done before Chris leaves again, but we will see. Oh, and I got a little at home jobby job. It is nothing really. I contracted with this company to do online work, but it pays for shit. I would tell you the name, but if I did, I couldn't tell you it pays for shit so. But, I make my own hours, work as little or as much as I want- so it works for us. I think when Chris leaves for his 6 month deployment I will try and get a real job again but for now this is what I will do.

The house is put together, lovely, and all that jazz. The neighborhood is good. The drive for Chris is okay. My only complaint is that all the roads by my house are a little busy for walking with the kids, but it is okay. Other people do it, I guess I am just paranoid. I still can't get over how beautiful it is here.
So all is well here.

Next up:
Focusing on school and health.
Maybe meeting some new friends.

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