Sunday, February 28, 2010

31 days and counting.

Welllllll... another month down the drain, and as much as I want time to fly, time is FLYING. (Damn women can never decide what they want, LOL)
I feel like I just haven't seen everyone, or had enough time with a few people.
This next month is big one. Everyday there will be a chore to do, and hopefully a loved one to spend time with. I am so excited to move to CA, and I can't wait- but I won't be coming to visit nearly as often as I did from VA so I am trying to get my fill.
Carter is a handsome handful, and Ellie is starting to smile a lot and I love it.
Coming up:
1. Last minute chores to prep for the move.
2. Sean's birthday
3. St.Patrick's Day
4. My birthday
5. Mine and Chris' 3rd wedding anniversary
6. Cassidy's birthday
6. Renting the Uhaul and packing. We are out 4/1/2010!

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