Friday, January 8, 2010

Tons and tons of updates.

Wellllll... Obviously a ton has happened since my last post.
We had Itsy, AKA Ellie Mahoney. She was born via C-section 12/18/09. I have scared shitless of a c-section, but compared to my *awful* recovery I had with Carter, this has been a cake walk. I had a few complications after delivery, but by day three I was fine. She is beautiful, and cute, and healthy- all that good stuff. I plan on keeping her. ;)
Since I was already opened up, and my body was yelling at me never to have children again, I tied those tubes up. :( So, I am savoring every last cuddle.
A week later we made the trip to Cleveland. Imagine how fun it was moving 700 miles with a twenty-two month old, and a 1 week old. I have held true to my promise to myself to try and keep a good attitude, and so far it has worked. But needless to say I haven't had much recovery time. If I can just had one good day in bed, and a full nights sleep I am sure my smile would be much more sincere.
Carter has really surprised me on how well he has been adjusting. He loves his baby sister, and for the whole nine months I thought for sure he was going to turn into baby Stewie and start plotting my murder. Jealousy has not been an issue. Bedtime in his new/temporary bedroom that he shares with me and his sister, has not been an issue. I don't know how I dodged this bullet, but what is the saying, "Waiting for the other shoe to drop?"
Chris left us yesterday. :( It is temporary, it is temporary, it is temporary. It was way harder to say goodbye than I thought. Probably because of all of the other changes. He went back to work today, and has this weekend to tie up some loose ends, then Bon Voyage on the 12th. Too bad we can't see him off, I would be very proud to watch his ship pull out.
The poor guy had had literally 21 days with Ellie. Including 3 hospital days, 2 twenty-four hour duty days, 2 days packing the truck and storage shed, 2 days traveling, and 0 days of alone time as a family. No, literally. Not 1 full day of us. Not a whole lot of time to get to know his baby girl. Not a whole lot of time foe me to recover.
I guess it was piss poor planning- but is there ever a good time to have your own life in the military?
I am keeping up on my 365 as a scrapbook, and a way to keep Chris updated.
Stay tuned, more craziness to come.

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