Thursday, December 3, 2009


Chris has started the "in and out" faze. He will be leaving for good by January 15th.

Right now, it is not a good idea for me to be alone. One minute I feel decent, and then the next minute I can hardly walk. Plus, I could go into labor at anytime, so...
We have Mom staying with us now, and as soon as we get answers back on Chris' leave chits, we will know if/when/who will be coming down next.
I had my doctor appointment yesterday. The baby weighs in a 7lbs, but they are not expecting him or her to be quite as huge as Carter. Still, if I don't have the baby naturally by the 39th week we are scheduled for a C-section December 17th. This will avoid shoulder dystocia, and any further damage to me.
I don't understand Navy Medical Center, I can opt for surgery but they won't induce me, even with an amnio. ??? What, what! My doctor even wishes she could induce, but legally she is not allowed. I wish I can just switch to a civilian provider- they induce for any reason what so ever.
I am trying to be positive, and I am trying every trick in the book to get this baby out now. ***fingers crossed***

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