Sunday, April 19, 2009

This Past Week

Well- busy, busy, busy. I had the week off, but I swear it doesn't feel like it! Between having company, running errands, doc appointments, household chores, yadda yadda yadaa- lets just say, the week FLEW by.
Friday we took Carter to the circus. He LOVED it. MWR sold the tickets at a discounted rate, we bought the cheapest they had- $7 each. I seriously can not imagine what the more expensive tickets got you, because we were FRONT. And. CENTER. Three rows back. Parking included, our night out as a family cost $16 dollars. Pretty thrifty, huh?
This is Carter's reaction to the elephants:

Saturday Chris helped a guy out from the boat with some work on his car, so me and Carter hit the International Children's Festival. It was a nice time, but not so baby friendly. It was a beautiful day, nice to spend time outside, and nice to have a change of scene, but I have to tell you- being in a crown reminds me of how much I dislike Hampton Roads.

This place is over-populated, had crappy roads/tunnels/bridges, has low income housing projects to disperse the ghetto (the worst idea I have ever experienced-even if it sounds good in theory,) and some of the worst manners I have ever encountered. It is beautiful, but not a place I would choose to plant roots. Not to mention the 25% failure rate among kindergartners!-- I got a little off topic on that rant.

Sunday was a nice day too, so we spent a little time at the park. We headed home for Carter's nap time which turned into Carter and Chris nap time that I swear lasted FOREVER (picture me rolling my thumbs.) This was the only real down time we have had as a family in so long.

We really needed it, and are bracing ourselves for next week. I am back to work- four days, and Chris has a lovely 90 hour work week ahead of him (minimum.) Wednesday he will leave for duty, and he won't get liberty until sometime Friday afternoon. If it is anything like last Friday I assume he will be home by 8pm. Oh yeah, mad shout out to the dirt bags on the Chucky V that made us late for the circus. Hate you.

I guess I am just all full of negativity today. ;)

I uploaded tons of cute pics on winkflash. Check them out if you so desire.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

The weekend started out with a mani/pedi, and a haircut for me, which was the PERFECT way to relax and recover, since I have seriously been sick for weeks. (Thanks Mom for the birthday gift that I FINALLY got to use) (Feeling wayyyy better, just drained.)

Jack came for a visit, he got in earlier than expected too. I got to be lazy while they played with Carter, then they went out for some drinks- Chris totally needs to unwind every now and then.

Easter day was super simple. Carter and I went to church, while the guys enjoyed the back yard. I cooked burritos for dinner, (super easy and cheap.) It was kind of cool to steer clear of tradition. I don't eat meat, and Chris doesn't love ham, so we have our own/new tradition.
We had a surprise visit, and impromptu egg hunt courtesy of the Turners- they always keep us guessing. The boys are so cute together.
Next up: I am off all week, I see major laziness and a little play time in my future.
More pics will be posted soon.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

DC Roadtrippers

Well, all in all it was beautiful, but some hiccups along the way. I have to say I was a little disappointed in our vaca, but live and learn. At least we got a nice visit with Al, and a couple really cool pics. Hopefully we can make it back for further exploration. ;)

Friday, April 3, 2009

See you Monday

We are spending the weekend in DC to see the Cherry Blossoms for our anniversary! See you later!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep your fingers crossed that Carter McSicky doesn't continue with this fever.