Thursday, February 19, 2009

This just in:

After his one year check up, the doctor has given Carter the go-ahead to try peanut butter. He LOVES it. Along with that, he has also recently discovered hot dogs, leading me to this theory: Contrary to my previous belief of Carter being insanely extra ordinary, he may possibly be a normal child. ???

The Barbershop

Despite Carter's seven haircuts in the past year, he has never had a professional do it. He has been sporting the "Mommy cut" this far. On a whim yesterday, we decided Chris and Carter should have matching haircuts.
It was so funny, and he just sat there. I never met a kid that likes clippers- idk. <--Like that? Anyways, I didn't have a camera (when do I not have a camera?) but the barber did. She took pics, and is supposed to be emailing them to me. Until then, for your viewing pleasure:

His Party

I haven't really updated, so here are a few pics from the party. We just a small little get together, cupcakes and pizza for the kids. We (again) received way too much, but appreciate every last bit.
My girlfriend made Carter his own Mickey smash cake (she also designed his invitations) and it turned out AWESOME! I felt guilty even letting him eat it, it was so cute.
All in all, it was great.

Friday, February 13, 2009

February 13th, 2009: Carter James turns 1

Carter, Carter James, Froggy, Chunkers, Chunks, Choo-chi-face, Chooch, Choo-choo, Fatty, Piggy, Fatty McLump, Cart, Cartfart, Tarty, Carter Butt, Lil Chris, Red, Chubbs, Buddy, Bubs,

You have rocked my world in ways I never new possible. Just when I think I can't possibly love you anymore, I wake up to a new day, and new found love. I never new what happy really meant until you. I never new what love really was until you. My life never was this rich, until you.

I feel like my life really started when I married your father, and really became full when I had you. I think it is important that you know- we wanted you from the start. We discussed you, planned for you, hoped for you, made you out of love, and waited in anticipation to find out if I was pregnant. We always wanted you, and loved you before you were even here. And I had a smile I couldn't wipe off of my face when I finally found out I was pregnant.

I loved being pregnant with you. I loved watching your little feet poke through my stomach, I loved watching you turn. Some women hate being pregnant. I, on the other hand, felt honored to have you as my guest.

The day you were born was the most exciting and scary experience I have ever had. You were too big, and had shoulder distocia. The doctors had to work fast to get you out, and they did not let me see you right away. You were bruised up, but ended up just fine. I cried so hard when they gave you to me, that I couldn't even see you clearly. I fell in love all over again. You had long red hair, and big fat little cheeks. Me and Daddy talked about what you would look like, and joked about the possibility of red hair, but never expected it. I have always loved red hair, but I can't remember ever finding it so attractive as when I saw it on you.
You were a star from the start, and you were literally the talk of the maternity ward. Let me tell you, the Naval Hospital where you were born births 350 babies a month- but you Carter, you stuck out. First of all, you were ten pounds. You were a big fat little chunky, and since you were not born by c-section, this was a bit of a shocker. You looked like you were three months old already, everyone said it, and you were not even in newborn clothes. ( I knew you were going to be huge, and I didn't even bother buying newborn clothes, right into three month clothes.) Dad went down the hall to get coffee, and a naval officer stopped and shook his hand saying "you are the dad of the big red-head, congratulations, everyone thinks he is a looker." Nurses and Corpsmen that weren't even assigned to us would just pop in our room to get a look at "the little star."
That special treatment never stopped. I don't know if it is your hair, your smile, your charm, but I literally can not go out in public without getting stopped. I know everyone is attracted to babies, and this happens to every new mom, but I don't just hear "he is so cute." No, no, no, I get compliments about you, that bring tears to my eyes. I don't know what your future holds, but I know one thing- you are going to make a lot of people smile.

So, this is what you looked like: you were the fattest, chubbiest, little thing I ever did see, you had long red hair, and you were covered in red fuzz all over your body. You had red ear hair, butt hair, back hair. It was so funny. I of course thought it was adorable. That is just how most babies are, they have fuzz, but red fuzz, come on! I personally thought that pictures didn't do you justice, and you always looked much more porky than in person. I had to describe you to our family since we were so far away, so I told everyone you were fluffy. That is the only way to describe that squishy fat. I would play with it all the time, and count the rolls on your legs and arms. Everyone who met you agreed. We came up with all kinds of names for you, it was "Chunkers" before you were even born. I always said you were just overcooked, and did all your growing on the inside. I guess I was right, because you turned one year today, and you have barely even doubled your weight. Either way, I still call you Piggy (that one came when you did all your snorting as a newborn) and Fat, and any other term of endearment we come up with. Strangers get all butt-hurt every time they hear it- we giggle, because it is our own little joke.

The joke was really on me anyways, I was huge when I had you. Those pictures don't lie. I want you to know that I used to have a beautiful stomach. It pains me to think of how beautiful it used to be. But I would do it all over again, now having known the outcome.

You have been the biggest thumb sucker (Piva!) I gave you a paci for a while, assuming that in the future it will be easier to take that away than your thumb, but you wouldn't have it. You spit it right out and popped in your thumb. And when you were really tiny, it was so funny to watch you try and find it. You would start at your palm and slowly slide up until you found it. Me and Daddy would root you on, it seems like such a small thing, but I planned on soaking up every "small thing" that you did. You sucked your thumb so much that sometimes you would stop in the middle of playing just to get a couple sucks in. If you were playing on your tummy you would rest on your elbow and keep on sucking.
The best mornings of my life were spent in our little apartment, snuggled up in bed with you. After Dad went off to work I would get you out of your crib for your morning feeding, and snuggle in bed with you for hours. We never had anything we had to do, and I couldn't walk for weeks after having you, so that is just what we did. Even after we had routine (Mommy baby classes or something,) we still made time to snuggle in the morning. I had light green curtains in my bedroom, and the window faced east. That room glowed like you wouldn't believe and you were always so happy in the morning. I used to wish we had an audience to show you off. This lasted until you were at about six months old. Then you were too busy crawling and exploring- you were moving on to bigger and better things, I was thanking God that I was able to soak you up while you would still let me.

I was lucky enough to catch your first giggles on tape. I laid you down in your crib, started your mobile, and started talking to you before your nap. I don't know what was so funny but when you finally got that giggle out, you just couldn't stop. I laughed and cried, and I can't explain how awesome it was to see you that happy. From that moment on, I became the biggest jackass/dancing fool/wannabe comedian anything to make you laugh. I found the Cuppy-Cake song would get a rise out of you every time, and we sing it non-stop.

Your my hunnybun, sugar-plum, pumpy-umpy-umpkin.
Your my sweetie-pie.
Your my cuppy cake, gum drop.
Schmookie, schmookie your,
The apple of my eye.
And I love you so,
And I want you to know-
I'll always be right here.
And I love to sing this song to you,
Because you are so dear.

Yeah, it is totally lame, but super sweet, and we love it.
Your Dad is so proud of you, and you are a Daddy's boy through and through. From day one in the hospital, you were more comfortable in his arms. You cuddled with him most and you babbled to him most. You used me for food, and right back to him. You would be quiet all day, and when he came home you would talk up a storm. He is your playmate. You hear the door open in the evening, and you book it to him sight unseen. You copy his expression, and you copy his talk. He always says "huh," and you started mocking that at like seven months. Even still, you both go back and forth ALL. DAY. LONG. When you get really into it, your whole face gets involved. It is hilarious.

At about four months I had to break down and give you your first haircut. You used to play with your hair when you were sleeping, and you gave yourself a jacked up Mohawk. I anticipated a problem, cutting a baby's hair and all, but you thought it was hilarious. You laughed and laughed every time I grabbed a handful. And it actually turned out pretty cute too. Your hair grew so fast, and so thick, that you had seven haircuts your first year. I would have just let it grow, I mean I really loved your hair- but you were so pretty everyone kept mistaking you for a girl. HA!

At about five months you started belly crawling. I mean straight up army crawling. It was seriously funny. You really managed to get around too. From that point on, any stationary toy was out of the question with you. You were on the move and God forbid we try and stop you. You kept that up for two months until you finally figured you could move faster on your knees, but that didn't last long either. You took your first steps at eight months old, and were in a full on run before 10 months. The funny part was how tiny you were- you were seriously still in six month clothes and walking around. Strangers would be shocked- it was soooooo cute.

As soon as you could pull yourself up you started dancing. You loved music, so we started having daily "dance party." You shook your little tookis every chance you got. For some reason "Let it Rock" -Kevin Rudolf, was your favorite. You actually took your first steps during dance party, listening to "The Stroke." Goof.

Anything for attention. I have read that sometimes babies fake cough. You know, they cough, mommy gives them attention, so they cough again. Well, you on the other hand didn't just fake cough, you fake sneezed. You thought sneezing was funny from day one, but you walked around faking it just trying to get attention. We would be driving somewhere, and you would be sneezing in the backseat the whole way there.

Your first Halloween I dressed you up as a turtle. I thought it was so funny. Just before Halloween we took a trip to Cleveland, so you got to meet Cassidy (for the second time) and get your pics done together. You guys were like best buds. Aunt Jen bought you matching outfits, and you just looked so happy together. Sometimes I wish you got to play with him more. I love him very much, and want you to always be close. Since then we got little Miss Lily Magnolia too. We haven't met her yet.

I made your first Thanksgiving dinner, and both of your Grandmothers came out. And your first Christmas was wonderful. All I have to say about that is we were very blessed to have so many people who love you. You, me, and Daddy spent a beautiful day together, you had your first taste of Revs, and we started OUR family traditions.
Right now your favorite TV show is Mickey Mouse Club house, and you do the Hot Dog Dance daily. I don't just sit you in front of the TV, but I have to be honest, I let you watch it way more than I thought that I would. Well, we watch it together. I still get about five minutes of cuddle time in the morning, just on the couch now.

The past couple of months you have changed so much. You are much less baby, and much more toddler. You are starting to listen when I tell you 'no,' but you protest the whole time and have a fit as you are walking away from whatever it is. You play hide and seek ALL DAY LONG, and I am just as entertained as you. I promise. And the latest thing that you do, is huggy bear. You just started that with in the past two days, and for the first time in my life, my baby puts is hands right around my neck, and gives me a real hug. I would sit there all day if you would let me.

For your first birthday I have planned on inviting some of our VA friends, and having lots and lots of balloons. Nothing big, but I am really excited. I can't believe how fast time has past. It is such a happy day, and I am so proud to celebrate your life.

It is my job to give you the best start, and that is why you got only mothers-milk, and homemade baby food. You eat better than anyone I ever met, and I hope you always value your body and respect it. I want a healthy lifestyle for you, that is my goal. That and education.

I want you to know, that I will love you unconditionally, until the end of time. Everyday I am excited to see what new thing you are going to do, and I can't wait to watch you grow. Though, I can't imagine you as anything but a baby.

Please understand I will not be your friend. That is not my job- and I don't care if you think I am cool. I am your mother. I am here to teach you, love you, and give you faith. I will never make things too easy. I will always be behind you to support you, but never to clean up your mess.
I will forgive your mistakes, but not excuse them. I will catch you, but never carry you. I will sacrifice anything I have to for you, and I will never expect anything in return. The only 'thank you' I will ever need is your health and happiness.
Happy First Birthday.

I love you everyday,

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 12: Huggy Bear

Oh happy day! Carter has learned to give hugs. OMG, (one of) the best days of my life. We have been practicing since his Gram is on the way.

Tomorrow is the big day.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 11: Picture Day!

Today we are going to get Carter's one year old picture made, which is one of my FAVORITE things! I may even get a Cupid pic too, since he is a Valentine babe (and hard core lady's man.)
Here's Carter snuggling up this morning. He likes that bottle way too much for just using one for the past couple weeks. He is in for a rude awakening when he finds out that he can't have it for keeps.

Day 10: We are on the mend.

We are all starting to feel better, Chris is done with his duty for the week, and we are looking forward to the weekend. All is right in the world. ;)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day 8: Fresh Air

So far this week we have been to the ER for Chris on Monday, Urgent Care for Carter on Thursday, and now Urgent Care again for me today. Me and Carter both are on anti-biotics, and he is doing fine- I am still waiting for mine to kick in.
Meanwhile, it is 73 degrees outside, and Lil' Red needed the fresh air. We played in the back yard for a bit, it is so funny to see him trying to keep his footing in the grass.
And please take notice, my 10 pound baby, that was born in the 95th percentile, is wearing the same outfit that he had on for his 6th month pictures. The picture from day 6 is one of the outfits Am bought him in May! He some how, quit growing, and is just shy of 20 pounds. He actually is wearing 18 month clothes now, but those onesies still fit.
I just can't believe how everyone thought he was going to be so big, and he was so chubby, and now look at him! Tiny as anything. I swear he did all of his growing on the inside- yay me!

Day 7: Mommy's SICK

Carter is going stir crazy, Mommy is down for the count.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Baby WILL Read- take 2

So, I wanted my Baby can read, like I said earlier, but I did get some mixed reviews. I didn't want to spend that kind of money if I wasn't sure what it was like, so I posted an add on
Freecylce is a pain in the ass to get started on, but totally worth it. People post things in your area that they either want, or want to get rid of. Then super thrifty Mommys like me get things for free, or get rid of "junk" without the guilt of throwing away a perfectly good item.
I posted my add, and the only response I got was from a woman who is currently using it with her 1 year old daughter, and LOVES it. She said it is a must have, and if I can not afford to purchase for our family, she would burn all of the DVDs and give them to me. I picked them up Thursday- can you beleive people do nice things like that? It always amazes me. She even color coded them, and made them all cute.
Just another example of the ask, and ye shall receive. I think it was "Eat, Pray, Love" that talked about telling the universe what you want, and watch how it responds to you, and I have to say, it has worked for me!

Day 6: Lovin' Bath Time

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 3

In an attempt to hide from the paparazzi, Carter comes up with a disguise. I see right through it.
He is now taking notes from Suri Cruise on how to be fabulous in the public eye.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Of the day: 2/2/09

-Puxatony Phil screws us all over again, by peaking just his nose out- in the direction of his shadow. Yet another year that I miss this in-person. I know it is lame, but I must attend this event.

-The wince on Chris' face is not an expression of how much he hates my camera...this time. He came home with a broken hand. Yay ER.

-Carter FINALLY cut his first molar, and I see three other teeth working. Hoping this explains his 'pleasant' disposition.

Day 2

Sunday, February 1, 2009

February 1st

OMG, I can not believe it. Time is just going to fast, each day just runs into another and I. Am. Not. Ready.

Carter's first birthday is the13th, twelve days away.

I plan on doing a 'Carter Count Down.' A post with a pic everyday, until he is one. My baby. A whole year old.

Day 1: Is he is already giving me the "Mom your lame" look?

Today was a pretty day outside, unfortunately, I got a bit of the flu that Carter had last week. Nothing too serious, just feeling lousy. Of course it is Chris' duty day...again, so no rest for the wicked. I tried just laying around, and it started out well since Carter is still not feeling 100% By mid-day, he was not having it. I threw myself a five minute pity party (wishing there was someone I could call to come and pick up Carter for a couple hours so I could rest a bit-) that got me nowhere, so I took him for a little walk. The fresh air did us both some good. It was the first nice day we had in a couple weeks; it was good to get out a bit.
The good news is- I just have to make it through this week, and Chris will have his first full weekend off since some time in early October! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!
The bad news is, another month- still not pregnant. At this rate, Carter is going to be thirteen before he gets a brother or sister. I have been wanting to get pregnant since, ummm- the minute I gave birth. I am one of those whack-jobs that actually loves being pregnant. But mostly it would be really nice to get pregnant now, so I could guarantee that Chris will be home when I have the little "it." I have to think about things like that, and each month is pushing my luck a little more.
One more thing, a super huge YAY ME! I made it to my goal of nursing Carter for the first year. No formula for him (not knocking anyone, but this is what worked for my family.) It was a huge deal to me to meet this goal, and was great for us financially. I am not usually one for meeting goals, so... I am pretty proud. He has just lost interest in nursing, and has been taking soy milk for the past two weeks with no problem at all. He occasionally nurses at night still, but he just weened himself. I guess that is a good trade off since he refused to sleep the night through for ENTIRE FIRST YEAR! Now that he is taking a bottle- he sleeps! Plus, the less milk I make, the better my chances of actually having another babe.
Other Benefits Include:
1. Sleep
2. Caffeine!- I am back on coffee, and LOVING IT.
3. No more freaking out about an ever- tapering milk supply. Taking supplements, medications, eating oatmeal Every. Single. Day.
4. Alcohol (I might just have my first drink in two years!)
5. (MOST IMPORTANTLY) A real bra! No more nursing bras. Thank God, the girls can resume their previous position.
Now that we have explored my world of "Too Much Information," Happy February.