Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve

Well, that is the last Carter and Mommy photo of 2008. That was us just before we walked out the door to celebrate with friends. Carter got his hair spike to impress the ladies.

Chris was on duty today, so we had our usual Carter and Mommy day. We hit the duck pond and went for a little walk. Then we got to spend a little time out, and had his first "late night." It was really nice, but we had to make sure that we hit the road earlier than the drunk drivers.
So, this is it- the end of 2008. We got some great new additions to the family this year- wonder what 2009 will hold???

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Carter see, Carter do.

I only snapped this one with my phone, but it is a picture of Carter with his new "phone." He is actually walking around with it and pretending to talk on the phone. He was laying his head on the couch and jabbering when I caught him on camera. I can't believe it!
Things have been much better around here this past couple days. Christmas day he was still coughing a bit, but you could really tell that he was feeling much better. Since we didn't get to partake in any pre-Christmas festivities, we went looking at lights Christmas night. That was really fun. We found this culdesac that was so decked out, that they were actually playing Christmas music on the street. I made Chris stop the car ao Carter and I could get out and walk around. He giggled so much I couldn't believe it. That was nice for me, because I really wanted to play up his first year, and we couldn't really do that with as sick as he was.
Now, he is just about 100%
We FINALLY got out of the house and did some visiting today. It has really been weeks since I have spent time with another grown up other than Chris. He was on duty, so Carter and I spent the day at Miss Krissy's. Always fun for me and Carter. This little man skipped his naps and played ALL day. I have never seen him walk so much. If I had to bet, I would put money on it that tonight will be one of those rare nights that he sleeps the night through.
Things are looking up every which way I go, and I am ready for 2009. Is it really possible that things can keep staying this good? Just when I thought life couldn't get better 2008 happened.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

First Christmas

The night before Christmas.

Wake up Dad, it is time to open presents.

His new toy.

His present from Santa.

Another favorite.
Well, what a year. We had the best Christmas.
I by no means mean to sound like we are this needy family, but money is certainly tight. We live off of one income, and seriously budget. So- this year we decided we were buying only two presents, one for Carter, one for Cassidy. They both got the same thing, and it was only $40.
Santa came after all. Look at how full that floor by the tree! Everyone sent a little something, and my son has more than any one child needs. He is having so much fun, and we are so blessed.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Carter's Doctor Visit

After waiting for so long, that I resorted to taking pictures of ourselves for entertainment, we found that Carter is making some progress. He is still a little sick, but on his way to getting better- definite progress, but poor buddy was just so ill. The main problem now is his weight loss. He was already very little for his age, so losing a whole pound is not ideal.
I think he needs a couple more days of rest, and a Christmas feast and he should be just fine.

Monday, December 22, 2008

First meeting with Santa...

...and it didn't go so well. I took Carter to see Santa last week, and can you believe they want $18 dollars for one picture with Santa! I couldn't;t believe it. Then as soon as Carter's bottom hit Santa's lap he lost his mind! I couldn't torture him for my benefit, so I scooped him up, and told the lady that I couldn't pay that much for a picture of my baby crying. Luckily, she offered it to me for $12 (a little better) and I am so glad she did, because I truthfully really wanted it.
Add us to that list of pictures that is going around through emails with the baby's crying with Santa.

Sicky McPitiful

Poor baby, we ended up in the ER this weekend. He has pneumonia and croup. We made beds in the living room and cuddled him all weekend. He has been on steroids and antibiotics for two days now, and is still feeling sick. :(

Monday, December 15, 2008

I complain about Virginia, but ten days until Christmas and it is 70 degrees! We got to get from fresh air for a change, and not so much as even a jacket.

How old are you?

This is Jealous trying so hard to be baby Marley that he has re-claimed the bouncy seat that he barely used to begin with. Now, it is his favorite toy. He actually climbs in it backwards and bounces himself. All of this so he can remain the baby.

My Roses

Chris usually only brings me plants, but FINALLY I got roses. I just think they are so pretty I had to blog them. :) xoxo

-Sidenote- These roses are pretty much the only reason that I haven't yet posted the picture of Chris wearing my robe and pink fuzzy sock.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Party

The USS Carl Vinson Christmas Party was this week, and I had SO much fun. It was at the Hampton Convention Center, and was old Hollywood themed.

They had look-a-likes walking through, which was hilarious. Joan Rivers "interviewing" you on the red carpet, Whoopi, Madonna, Angelina Jolie, and Jack Nicholson. It was hysterical.

There were h'ordeurves, huge main course, and desert table. It was semi-formal, and no uniforms required, so it wasn't at all stuffy.

The biggest dance floor that I have ever seen, surrounded by a lounge area. They had a casino set up, and the decorations were awesome. The best part- only $10. Or maybe the best part was the free childcare, where they tagged my baby #4 (which for some reason really tickled me.)

Chooch is 10 months old!

...And running through the house like a mad man. Can you beleive it?
I have a couple other posts too, but just no time right now. Look for them soon :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Catching up.

Well, I have been way busy- which is a good thing. We had company for Thanksgiving, it was really nice. My mom, Chris' mom, and both of their significants all attended. I cooked the feast, and it actually turned out awesome- if I may say so myself. It was Carter's first Thanksgiving, and he ate like a piggy. I didn't take that many pics because I was so busy, but I got enough.

Also, I started babysitting (I don't remember if I blogged about that or not.) Anyways, it was the perfect solution since I don't have a babysitter. I get to stay home with Cartfart, and still contribute- which we really needed right now. I got super lucky and scored this really nice, down to earth- young couple, with well behaved- cute cute cute children.

Chris and I sold Thelma (the Mercury) and are in the process of selling Hoss (the F250) and invested in a family wagon. Chris did some master investigation work, and I did some hot bargaining, and we got a hell of a deal. So, we are the proud owners of a focus wagon, and I am proud to say- I filled up the tank for $19 the other day. That should really help our budget.

I uploaded a bunch of pics to fill you in on the happenings, instead of typing all night long.

A cute one of Carter on Thanksgving.

Passed out from the turkey, or hiding from the camera?

Mommy and Carter on Turkey Day.

Feeding the ducks our leftover bread- Carter and I felt they should feast as well.

Carter watching Mommy doing yardwork. (Seriously-yardwork on the first of December.)

Diggin' into his first Thanksgiving Feast.

My fall yard. I was so excited to have babysitters while I worked outside. That has never happened. Yay Personal Time!