Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Such a proud Mommy.

This weekend.

Thanks to everyone who came out, I had the nicest weekend. It was so awesome throwing a party for our baby, all of our Virginia friends came, and some Clevelanders too. It was the best visit yet. :) Carter was so funny during the Baptism. He growled through the whole church service, he had everyone laughing. He had the cutest little man suit too. I just love him.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

September is almost over and going pretty smoothly. It is starting to cool down here, which I love. It is nice for Chris because he has to work in the element, and really nice for Carter because he gets to be outside more. All in all, September makes us happy!
Carter's Baptism is this weekend-- I am really excited about that, we are having family come in from out of town, and all of our military friends are going to come. So I get to host a little party in my new house, dedicated to my favorite little person-- HOW FUN!
He has been doing really good. He is over his flu (finally) and getting into everything. I have been having the hardest time getting him to bed the past two weeks, which is why I chose this picture, because when he finally goes down (after two hours of trying) it is pretty much like a dream. I don't know what the problem is, it is really uncharacteristic of him. He never has had a problem going to bed. I have tried changing his nap schedule, but nothing is seeming to work. I am chalking it up to his teeth, and hoping like all things, this too will pass.
Other than that, no new news. Just gearing up for October. (YAY) It is our first October together (of course) and I can't wait. Chris' birthday, then HALLOWEEN! Costumes, candy, pumpkins, apples, and babies, what could be better?

Little Man

Check out the new haircut! Plus a smile that can stop crime :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

7 Months!

Carter turned 7 months on the 13th of this months. Can you believe it?
I didn't forget, I just have been so so busy, but I did remember to snap a picture that day. My little man has been sick with the flu for about a week now. We saw a doctor, who told us it is just viral, and the tough guy has just been waiting it out. He is doing much, much better today.
His 7 month milestones are big. He can pull himself up now, so nothing is safe-- HERE COMES TROUBLE! You can totally tell he is going to be an early walker, he is just so busy. He gets really proud of himself when he is standing. The "Mama" and "Dada" sounds are flowing freely, along with tons of other babbles. One of his top teeth came in this week, and he is working on the other. He follows your finger when you point, and he is just so, so giggly.
Next up...Baptism- two weeks until visitors!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

When did I lose control of my life, and who's controlling it!?

This question used to be the story of my life, I used to scream it out loud (usually during some random adult tantrum) and believed it was true. Today I realized- I have control for a change. Not in a control freak sort of way, but to a reasonable degree. And you know what, it feels good.

I anticipated August and September to be these crazy, out of control months, and and guess what, I am doing it! I have accomplished everything I set out to do, and still have been maintaining school, and exercise, and fit in a couple Mommy/Carter days.

What I don't have control of (much to my inner control-freak's despair) is time. Where is September going?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'm Mr. Brightside

Check him out! Today we had tropical storm Hanna roll through, which ended up being much much more mild than originally expected. For starters, it got me out of work early. It was really windy, and driving conditions were not the best, but by afternoon it had pretty much passed. Then all the sudden, power outage. Boo! We were without power for five hours, but the nice thing was the temp outside was totally comfortable, and the wind made it feel great. It was super overcast, but we didn't care. Carter and Mommy tried out his big boy toys. I couldn't believe he could already sit in this. He loved it. First I started going up and down the driveway, and when (I) got bored with that I decided to venture out to the street. I must have walked him up and down the street thirty times easy. Our neighbors even had to come out and check out how cool he was. He was giggling and signing (of course every time I went to snap a pic he popped in that thumb {more pics on our family site.})
The power going out felt like a blessing in disguise, otherwise I would have never thought to go outside on such a gloomy day. But, it was perfect. It was a great opportunity for new experiences for him. He could hear the wind, feel it in his hair, and see it in the trees. I just can't get enough of him.
He has had so many changes this week too. He pulled himself to a standing position, he goes from crawling to sitting up, AND ***drum roll please*** he officially said "Muh-muh!" Come on folks, is that talent or what?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hellooo September.

We made it through August, can you believe it! I have to say...I am one tough cookie. So, one month down of being a "working/stay at home mommy," and I am doing okay. The job is actually decent. My boss is nice, and super down to earth-- that makes things okay. It sucks to work with and for, someone you don't like. So there is one plus.
I have been totally slacking on my school work and working out. I needed to find time somewhere. But I really feel I can do better- I am an going to try.
We are actually totally settled in the house and it feels good! It is so "home-y." It is baby-proofed to the max, and Carter loves it. In the past week and a half he has gone from wanting to be held all the time, to super independent. He makes it way across the floor so fast, and he follows us around the house. Since day one, I never have wanted to put him down (Chris calls me out all the time) and now he doesn't want to be held all the time :(-- It has its perks, I admit it. The sad thing is his poor little knees. You know that really soft, delicate baby skin. In a matter of a week he has managed to turn it out into rough and tough little boy skin. It breaks my sad, sorry little heart. For a couple days his knees were red as anything from all the army crawlin', but now it is actually toughed up. Just one more little thing that reminds me of how fast this is going to happen. Don't blink Mommy!

We had our first cookout, it was so much fun. We had a yard and a HOME to entertain in. It was great. We burned the bottom out of our grill, but we kept right on grillin'!

So, that is that- August in a nutshell.

Now September looks almost as crazy. First, Dad's 60th birthday. Whoop whoop- sorry I couldn't be there. Then Am is getting married-- again, stuck here in VA! But I will be there in spirit. Then, Carter's baptism.

I am so so excited about this, because I have been wanting to get him baptised since day one, and I get a chance to entertain. Some family is going to be coming in from Cleveland, and all our friends from here will be there. I am already plotting what to cook in my head. Plus, that will be a 5 day weekend for me, and my Dad is going to take us over the Chesapeake Bridge Tunnel. So another full month to look forward to.I plan on cracking down on my school and working out, so things might get crazy. Not to mention it is majorly hard working and keeping up the milk supply. Seriously, I am attached to that pump all day. And maybe this is small, but I am really proud of myself for this. This is the most dedication that I have ever put into anything, and here I am following through. Imagine that!

Speaking of feeding Carter, he has come a long way with his little pallate. He has had: peas, green beans, broccoli, sweet potato, acorn squash, butter squash, bananas, apples, pears, peaches, carrots, blueberries, avacado, mango, and a couple other things I am sure. Today he started with finger foods. We were out to eat, and he was so mad that he didn't have anything, so I bought Gerber dried yogurt and blueberry puffs. He loves them! He picks them right up and puts them in his mouth. I like to make all his food home made, but this is harmless, and it doesn't have anything unnatural.
Carter got a new toy today. I went to babiesrus today and bought him a walker. He is going to be a early walker, I am sure of it.

That is about it right now. If I don't post too much, you know why.

By the way, is anyone else watching 90210? These kids are supposed to be 15/16? Writers really need to get it together. But alas, a new twisted addiction I am sure.