Sunday, August 10, 2008

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mommy and Me

I love playing with this little guy.

He is Crawling!

Can you believe it? Not even six months and he is talking and crawling! I caught it on video, and the only way that I can get it online right now is on my myspace. So if you do not have access, let me know and I can email it. I am such a proud mommy! :)

Friday, August 8, 2008

We are such stars!


So, I started work this week. Let me tell you, I was a hot mess! I cried my sorry little eyes out all morning, and my whole way to work. But, by lunch time I was totally fine. Carter on the other hand was much better than me. By day three of work Peach was sending messages of him playing and laughing- he loves his Miss Peach and is okay just knowing that Mom will be back. Plus, he gets play time with another baby. His best friend Rye Guy, is too cool in Carter's eyes.

Go figure though, Thursday (while I was still at work) Chris came home and him and Peach heard his very first "Dada." I missed it! Whatever-

As far as the job goes, I really really like it. I think I could have shot for a little more money, but... too late now. The doctor is super nice, the training is easy for me, and the days go pretty fast. Learning to be a working/breast-feeding mommy is a bit of a challenge, but one I plan on conquering.

Today Carter took his first little crawl. I ran and got the camera and caught him on tape. I missed the best part, but I have some video evidence. Can you believe, not even six months and crawling and talking!? What a little man.

I am so proud of how he has adjusted. I am sure he will have his days, but he just blows my mind all the time.

The hardest part so far is trying to find time for all of this plus school. I bound and determined to work it into my schedule, I can make this happen.

I just have to get though this month. Today I spent several hours connecting all the utilities for the new house. "Press one, press two..." It drives me mad. I wish you could just call a company and talk to a person. But, effective the 21st we will have everything we need. :)

I will make it through this month, I will make it through this month...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Just Hangin' Out

Today was the last "Mama-Baby" AKA "Duty Day" before I start work, when life will become a little more hectic. And while I am sure we will have many more days like this, I savored every last little cuddle and giggle I could get my hands on. All Cart and I did all day was just hang out. (Tehehe- I know I am lame.)