Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bring it on.

I am anticipating an insanely crazy month of August. The schedule and changes that are going to be happening are insane. I probably won't be posting much, and I certainly won't be posting my "progress." I have been slacking on keeping track of that, but I have still been running regularly.

Anyways, here is my schedule:

August 4th-- start new job (while simultaneously trying to avoid melt-down over leaving Cart.)

August 17th-- Mom and Tom come here for vacation.

August 20th-- get keys for new house and move.

Also, Gramma Nan plans on coming back this month also. All of that, plus balancing being super Mommy with school. I plan on running myself ragged, skipping meals, sweating my ass off, losing sleep, forgetting to brush my teeth, and complaining a tad.

I am already getting a leg up on the packing so everything doesn't have to happen at once. I just can't wait until we getting settled into a real HOME, and I can take some quiet time with my baby--I think he is going to need it with all these changes coming our way.
Plus, we have to get prepared for September which already seems like it is going to be just as hectic. We have Amber's wedding (which I will be flying to Cleveland for,) Dad visiting, Dad's 60th Birthday (honorable mention,) I am trying to plan Carter's Baptism, settling into the new house, and hopefully finishing up school (or close to it.)
Bring it on August and September, I am going to kick your ass.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Carter and Mommy

Today was the best day in so so long. It is one of those days that when you finally lay your head down on your pillow you are so tired, but you are still smiling.

Today was Chris' duty day, which is sometimes hard for me because I have to entertain Carter for 36 hours, alone. Most of the time this is no problems, but mornings like today- when you had four hours of interrupted sleep... you can imagine how 36 hours alone with a 5month old seems like an eternity.

But, I didn't wake up to a crying baby. Chris put Carter in bed with me this morning, and when he saw me first thing, he started giggling. So I woke up to him smiling and giggling right in my face. Of course at the time I was praying for a few more hours of sleep, but as far as wake up calls go- it doesn't get much better than that.

We had breakfast and my energy level was running low, but he was ready to party. So I came up with the bright idea to go to the gym. I figured he can go to daycare and play all he wants. I will take it slow on the treadmill and watch TV or something. I thought to check the schedule to see if there is open swim to take him swimming afterwards and what do you know, a Mommy and Me aerobic class was ready to start in 15 minutes. I have been going there for a year now and never knew they even had those. I also have been wanting to attend a group fitness class for a while now, but always feel so shy- how perfect! So I rushed off to an hour long, super fun, super social, good workout, that was entertaining for the baby too. I loved it, and hope to be back there every Friday.

By 10:15 it was definite nap time so we went home and I put him down. I had a snack and he woke up to eat about forty minutes later. I was still super tired (I think I am over-using 'super') so when he fell back to sleep while eating I just laid down with him. Could you believe we cuddled for three hours! I don't even sleep that long at night, and I really love cuddling him. He stayed asleep while I ate lunch too, so I had a meal uninterrupted for a change. **sigh** :)

I grab the mail and eat lunch. No bills whoo hoo! Just kidding, first a package from my sister in law. A cute, thoughtful little card (I love greeting cards) and a whole stack of Cleveland photos. She had picks of my Rusty before he was put to sleep (which I missed,) picks of Kago- she knows I love that dumb dog, and tons of picks of Mr. Cassimo. She even included pics of him opening the birthday present we sent him. I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face. I don't own enough picture frames to do that package justice. You can't find a bad picture of Cassidy. He is such a handsome little man, and I don't see him enough.

But it gets even better! About a week ago Amber and I had a discussion about me needing to get Carter's picture made professionally. Anybody who knows me, knows that I would have loved professional newborns, 1month, 2month ect ect. I am a little obsessive with pictures. But, I take hundreds at home, and with me not working- studio pictures was put at the bottom of the list. Well, Carter James got mail of his own today and it was a card (another greeting card :)) from the one and only Ambrosia. She said he needed to get his picture made in time for his 6month birthday and sent money in the card. HOLY EXCITED! I called the studio immediately, they were on lunch. I was like a kid in a candy store waiting for that hour to pass. Thankfully they told me to come in right away. (If I would have had to wait until the 5o'clock "back up" appointment that I made at another studio,it would have been literal torture.) I picked out two outfits that Amber bought him while we were home and I was off.

He was so good, and so funny. His new thing is sticking out his tongue, and that is all we could get him to do. He smiled every picture, even if his smile was hiding behind tongue, or thumb sucking as it may be. It was almost frustrating, I mean it was cute for one picture, but every one? How funny! We ended up with some really good shots, and ordered enough to pass out a few, plus had one custom one made for us. THANKS AM! It was so much fun, and made me smile a lot.

We finished and it was almost 5. Not quite dinner, too late for a nap, so I stopped off at the gym again on the way home and took Carter in the pool. He just loves it, and it is good quality time. We made it home just in time for dinner, a bath, and then bedtime. We spent the whole day just Carter and me. Perfect!

Usually I have chores, errands, something like that, but today we had no agenda. It wasn't too hot, too busy, too anything. And, the awesome presents really helped add to the ambiance of the day. Jen and Am, thank you so much, you really made me feel great.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Botanical Garden's

We had a mini-outing today to the botanical gardens. It was beautiful and I would go back anytime. At first we just walking some paths and I thought it was nothing special, but once we got to the end we came across the exhibits and they really were nice.
The best part was just getting some adult interaction, but the sunshine helped too. I mean, it has been raining here for two weeks straight. I was about to start building an arc and lining the animals up two by two.
I think Carter liked it, he seemed to be looking around a bit and doing some talking. He stayed in his stroller almost the whole time, a little over two hours, so that is good.And, not like he is old enough to play or know any better, I think it is cool to have play-dates.

Home Sweet Home

We got the house! So long Churchland, hello Port Norfolk. I can't wait to make the move. I am so in love with getting out of this neighborhood, and having a yard to play in. My first "investment" will be a kiddy-pool. I can't wait to play with Carter outside.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Carter James 5 months old

Believe it or not Carter is five months old today. He is changing so much and is getting fat as ever! He has two teeth, is eating solids, giggling like crazy, rolling like it is his job, and finding new ways to impress me every minute. I LOVE THIS CHUNKIE MONKEY!

Carter's Portraits

Mommy was playing photographer when she was supposed to be walking. :)

Check out the TEETH

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I love this face.

So, I came to this super sad realization today. See, Carter makes this face, when he falls asleep while eating and you break his latch, he kinda sucks in his jaw and sighs. The thing is, he has no teeth so he jaw closes so far, his chin disappears, and his little lips pucker up. Since I am the only one who feeds him, I am usually the only one who sees it, and it is super hard to catch on camera because my hands are kind of full at the time.
But then it hit me all the sudden- he has teeth now. Pretty soon I am not going to see that little face anymore. Oh my God. This whole "growing up" thing really isn't' working for me.

The new hair

The new haircut- I was going to wait until I lost ALL the baby weight, but since I only have 15 pounds left I thought that maybe I could loose a pound of hair or something. HA!
So, the solids foods are still going good, but I he is not sleeping through the night like I hoped- that lasted one night, and I realized that I gave him Tylenol that night. So ho hum.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Carter's First Bites

Happy Fourth of July!

Heyyyy- Fourth of July- oh yeah. This just happens to be one of my favorite holidays, although we had to do things a little different here in Va. First off, the stores don't even sell Sparklers or Pops (no, I am not too old for these.) So, that was disappointing, but not the biggest deal.
The bases and cities around were all doing some kind of celebration, but it was supposed to be up in the 90's, with a smoke advisory. That is just a little too much for an infant. So instead we decided to celebrate early. We met up with Krissy and the kids and had a picnic at the park early this morning. We played, walked, saw Va wildlife, and went into the Discovery Center to check out that exhibit. It was fun. We were done by noon, which was just in time for Carter. He was just a little too hot, and it was nap time.
I really want to do fireworks, but I am sure it will scare him, plus they don't start until 9;45, two hours past his bedtime. I don't feel like it is a crime to keep him out too late every now and then, but he really just wants to be in bed when bedtime comes. We will see how much energy he has tonight.
I just love this holiday, I always have. It was my favorite back in Cleveland, because all of my family would get together, watch the parade, have a cook-out, and go swimming. It was usually the only time of year that all the kids were in one place at the same time. Beautiful chaos. But no, I was not lame enough to coordinate our outfits to red, white, and blue (see above) but yes, I was just lame enough to get really excited when I realized it.
This has been a really huge week for Carter. He got his first tooth! Actually he got two. One little corner poked through on Wednesday, but by today the top of both his bottom front ones are in.
He also had solid foods for the first time. Let me tell you, he loved it! I expected him to make faces, spit it out, all that jazz, but not my Chunky Monkey. You should see him- when he sees the spoon coming, he pops out that little thumb, and opens his mouth WIDE! The best part, he was so satisfied he only woke up to eat one time last night. I can't tell you the last time I felt this rested. That was the first time he slept that long.
Chris and I haven't decided what we are going to do with school just yet. After meeting with financial aid, it is not really in our budget. Our only option is to take out a rather large private loan. Hmm. I waiting for my advisor to call me back, I am going to see if she can work with job placement to find me a position that can work around my school schedule. It would be crazy trying to go to school and work, but if I can find the right position, I think I can do it. It is only for 15 months, and I am tough! We will see. I am keeping my fingers crossed, but if it doesn't all work out right now, it is okay. I will get a job for now, and go back to school a little later. A lot of women go back to school when their kids are toddlers or school age. I wouldn't even be 30- that is so do-able.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Drop kick me Jesus, and aim for the throat.

Some how my son managed to wake me up ten times last night. It seems almost impossible- but he did it. Of course this means I didn't sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time- if that.
I had a meeting today, and had to leave him with my friend Krissy for a couple of hours. She would be my first pick of anyone to watch my child considering she sees him more often than anybody except Chris or myself. She knows him, loves him, and is an experienced mother- yet somehow I was a nervous, anxious mess all morning, ready to throw up at any given second.
So there I am in my meeting and I am obsessively thumbing through my electronic key chain of pictures of Carter. Isn't he that little shit that kept me up all night? THAT'S RIGHT HE IS, AND HE IS CUTE! When did I get so neurotic?